The Westin / Kohler Heavenly Shower – A five star favourite with architects and the planet!


It started as a quest to deliver a luxury shower experience that could not be found in any other hotel.  It ended with a heavenly shower that is a favourite with commercial architects and designers across the globe, for both its versatility and indulgent water delivery!

Originally Westin Hotels and Resorts partnered with Kohler Co to create the Westin Heavenly Shower II, a luxury shower using Kohler’s Katalyst Air technology to enhance the guests’ experience while remaining easy to install.

The Heavenly Shower II is ultimately an opulent shower that combines a Katalyst Air-induction Rainhead with a dual-function handshower.  It uses just 7.5 litres of water a minute to create a highly indulgent rainshower/deluge experience.  This shower saves the Westin hotel group in the US alone a massive 49,700 litres of hot water per room each year!

Integral to the overall design of the Heavenly II showering experience is the ability to retrofit the appliance – it easily fits an existing supply elbow with fixed shower rose without the need to alter in-wall plumbing.  This negates the need to take the hotel room out of service.

With a 3 star WELS rating and a reputation for delivering a luxurious ‘deluge’ experience, the Heavenly Shower II has become increasingly specified in hotels around the world for its sheer versatility.  Outside of the US the Westin Heavenly Shower II is known as the HydroRail and can be installed in many different configurations – from the HydroRail and overhead Katalyst RainCan to a myriad of handheld showerheads and shower arm options.

The HydroRail shower column is available in three configurations – a slide bar, round column and square column.  The HydroRail Shower has three main elements – the column, the overhead shower head and the handshower.  Within these there are so many options that the hotel can customise its own showering installation.  Examples include a simple HydroRail height-adjustable slide bar bracket with choice of handshower, or a HydroRail column (in either round or square profile) with overhead Katalyst RainCan paired with one of the many handheld showerheads on offer.screenshot_8

Showerheads and handshowers are available in multiple profiles to be paired with the HydroRail, such as the RainCan overhead showerhead with Katalyst technology (available in round or square format) in sizes ranging from 200mm to 250mm and 300mm.  Handshowers are available in square, round and rectangular formats with and without Katalyst air-infused spray patterns.

Offering the most innovative and advanced showering experiences in the world, Kohler’s “Heavenly Shower” moniker is used by local designers to describe all of Kohler’s Katalyst Air shower offerings in their various finishes and variable showering sprays.  All are sustainable options that save water without sacrificing luxury or indulgence.

The Kohler Heavenly Shower II – bringing both customised design options and sustainability choices to hotels around the world – has most recently been installed throughout the new Westin Hotel in Brisbane and W Brisbane, QLD together with the Royce Hotel in Melbourne and the premium suites at the William Inglis M Gallery by Sofitel at Warwick Farm in Sydney.

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