6 Timeless Trends to Consider When Building Your Dream Home


You finally have the opportunity to build your dream home, and a wealth of emotions come over you. On the one hand, you can’t wait to get started. On the other hand, you’re wondering where you should even start.

Building your dream home offers a number of benefits, including allowing you to personalize your home’s details and create a home that is more energy efficient than an older home may be. But having a good idea of how you’d like your home to look early on is critical for having a successful home-building experience. And the more timeless your style is, the better your chances of selling the home down the road when the time is right.

Here’s a rundown on six timeless trends to consider when building your dream home this year.

Words: Katie Tejada

Contemporary Style
A contemporary home design is a trendy style that involves the use of industrial-inspired materials, like metal, stone, and glass. These elements are mixed with wool material used for furnishing, leather, and cotton. This style also incorporates black or white walls, which allows your unique decorative elements to pop.2-contemporary-styleIndustrial
This design style draws on construction projects, warehouses, and urban spaces. As a result, if you select this style for your home, your house will be filled with rebar accents, chic light fixtures with an edgy finish, old timber, and exposed ductwork and brick. Introduce neutral colours to off-set bold artwork and decor for your walls, or opt for bold coloured accents in your kitchen backsplash. Often, this floorplan is an open one, so having that extra touch in the kitchen will help draw your guests during gatherings. You can also mix and match elements that are industrial and modern, choosing furniture adds warmth and variety to the space.

This timeless design involves simplifying modern décor by using colours like cool greys, white, pastels or neutrals to create an airy spaciousness throughout your home. Minimalism has gained in popularity recently largely because of Marie Kondo’s tenet, “Does it bring you joy?” With this style, your home would feature streamlined furniture that is more ergonomic and functional than decorative. You, your family, and your guests will have room to breathe. To take this style to the next level, add some plant life in white or stone-grey pots to gently complement your otherwise sparse colour palette.3-minimalistMid-Century Modern
Let your guests feel transported to the 1950s to 1960s with your interior design. To make your new home the epitome of  mid-century modern style, include organic shapes in your décor and focus more on functionality, angles, and sleek lines. Even better, consider the classic sunken living room, and update it with an eclectic twist, using heated stone flooring rather than shag carpet. What’s great about this timeless trend is that it provides a seamless transition between rooms without overwhelmingly unique designs or colours, and gives you ample opportunity to experiment with different wood finishes in your furniture.

Accent Wall
Incorporating accent walls into home décor is becoming increasingly popular. Lately, we are seeing it more in kitchens, entryways, or to add texture and interest to your living room wall near the fireplace.  Materials like glass mosaics create a functional work of art, or consider ledge stone to create a rustic, Tuscan vibe in your foyer or fireplace hearth.4-accent-wallGranite Countertops
When it comes to the kitchen, you cannot go wrong with granite countertops—a valuable investment, particularly if you love to cook and cook often! Granite is easier to maintain over the years, being one of the few countertop materials that can withstand heat (when sealed properly). Additionally, the myriad of granite colours make this a versatile choice for any interior design. Elevate the look of your condo by investing in new granite countertops for your modest kitchen, or add the perfect amount of visual texture to your elegant ranch house’s kitchen. Consider granite in cooler tones or brighter tones for your bathroom, as well.5-granite-countertops

With the right decorations and paint, you can make your dream house into a home that will remain beloved by many for years to come. Take advantage of the style ideas above to create a home that is uniquely beautiful—and uniquely yours.