Décor Tips for a Soothing and Calming Bedroom


After a long day at the office, most of us want nothing more than to come home, take a hot shower and go to bed. But, if our bedrooms are messy and full of unnecessary clutter, we won’t be able to relax and get enough sleep. That’s why the bedroom deserves a special treatment and much more attention than other areas of your home. And if you too are looking for a way to turn your bedroom into a more soothing and calming place, here are a couple of décor tips that might help you along the way.

Words: Catherine Collins

Soothing colours
Opting for strong colours and bold combinations may be the perfect way to decorate your living room or the kitchen, but being surrounded by these colours definitely isn’t what you want when you go to sleep. Choosing earthy and pastel tones instead might make much more sense in the long run, as these will relax you, help you recuperate and ultimately provide you with a sense of comfort. Some of the most soothing colour for your walls are icy blue, soft grey and lavender, so give them a try next time you’re repainting your bedroom.

indoor-2650995_960_720Soothing patterns
Most people don’t pay that much attention to patterns in their bedroom, but don’t forget that too many different patterns will create a confusion and an eclectic atmosphere that might be distracting and upset your nerves. Therefore, stick to just one pattern – whichever you want, basically – and use it all over your room. This way, you won’t have to impose any limitations on your decorating ideas, and still end up with a unique décor that’s both intriguing and visually stimulating, on one hand, and calming, on the other.

Soothing beds
Speaking of sleeping, you do realize you won’t be able to get much sleep unless you have a proper bed, don’t you? Most of us, unfortunately, don’t sleep on a high quality bed every single night and have to settle for something that’s far from perfect. But, if you put your mind to it, you’ll surely be able to find an appropriate mattress that will help you relax and get a good night’s sleep as soon as you turn the lights off. In order to do that, you might want to look for a reliable mattress sale, because that’s the surest way to find the best value for your money.

pexels-photo-545012Soothing minimalism
Adding lots of decorating items is a great way to show your creativity and imagination, but you might want to reconsider unleashing your inner decorator in the living room instead of the bedroom. Your sleeping area requires minimalism, so don’t add too many different items that will be off-putting and disturb your sleeping pattern. Also, be sure to declutter your bedroom every once in a while, just to make sure there’s nothing disrupting the natural flow you’ve created.

Soothing sunlight
No matter how much we sleep, we can all agree that being surrounded by reflecting lights isn’t the best way to relax at night. Your bedroom needs lots of natural light and that’s the only way to create a soothing feeling we’re so desperately looking for. So, keep up your windows opened all afternoon and enjoy the natural atmosphere you’ve created. When you’re preparing for sleep, dim the lights a bit – installing a dimmer switch is quite easy, so there’s no reason not to do it in your bedroom – and prepare the body for sleeping.

bedroom-1872196_960_720Achieving perfection is never easy, but if you manage to decorate your bedroom in a subtle and soothing way, you’ll be able to get perfect rest night after night.