A Magical Ukrainian White Affair


This modern, white apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine embraces minimalism and yet is full of heart!

Words: Pia Sinha
Photography: Faina, Ukraine

White is one of the most versatile colours in interiors today. There’s literally so much that you can do with it. Victoria Yakusha, Ukranian designer and architect thought the same when she set out to work on this stunning apartment for a family of three.


The home looks clean, spacious, and well-lit and exudes warmth.  Speaking about her approach, Victoria adds, “I enjoy working with interiors that boast of a single colour scheme because I am able to introduce multiple textural solutions. This helps me create a game of shades and shapes on different surfaces, even in a minimalistic white interior. When the design of interior is not plane and smooth, but is interspersed with some ideas, unexpected details, it becomes more interesting for me and adds some character to the project.”

6For instance, one notices a mosaic panel made of clay circles in the living area. All of them appear to be in a different pattern and shade. But when put together, they create an interesting combination that unfailingly catches the eye.


To complement the minimalistic white interiors, Victoria who is also a product designer has used distinct designer pieces from her design collection Faina. These include a floor lamp, wash basin and the dining table.  The kitchen, which is the designer’s favourite space, boasts of a stylish dining table with a massive clay leg. The kitchen as such is minimalistic and exudes a luxurious vibe.


The master bedroom is yet another space with multiple surfaces and textures, such as bare concrete, solid wood, textiles. And yet, there’s a sense of harmonious co-existence between all these elements within a single colour scheme.


The interior theme extends to the bathroom too. One notices an unusual ceramic washbasin ‘Vulyk,’ which owing to its rugged nature, takes us back in time.


The designer refers to her approach for this project as ‘Ethno style.’ She says, “Ethno style has brought into the interior a desired flavour of warm and a sense of something native and familiar.”

To discover more interesting product design by Victoria, log on to www.faina.design today.