Very Good & Proper launches for 2019


The new VG&P collection includes a stacking chair by John Tree, a storage cabinet by Daniel Schofield, a new Oval armchair by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser, an A-frame Canteen table, a coffee table, a mirror and accessories – all by Studio VG&P.

Pino Chair by John Tree for VG&P

Acclaimed British designer, John Tree, has collaborated with VG&P to create an exceptionally comfortable simple stacking chair comprising a single plywood shell with a solid wooden frame. Unlike typical wooden frame chairs, with a seat and back as separate parts, the Pino Chair uses a single ply shell to increase comfort, strength, and longevity in a commercial product. This original design enables a hidden bayonet at the junction between the chair’s backrest and frame, providing a secure construction and clean lines to maximise the Pino Chair’s minimal silhouette. The design seeks to bridge both traditional solid wood chairs and more contemporary plywood-based stacking chair typologies. 222

Valley Cabinet by Daniel Schofield for VG&P

British designer, Daniel Schofield, has collaborated for the first time with VG&P to create the Valley Cabinet, a spacious storage unit with a framed display area for both treasured objects and regularly used items. A ribbon of solid oak wraps around all four sides of the cabinet, gently curving at the corners, and rising about the top surface to frame the display area. The need for handles is removed as the extended doors create a natural grip for opening to reveal the flexible shelving inside. The display area is highlighted with a chamfered end-grain edge detail to the oak frame and an inset linoleum top. Underneath, a discreet powder-coated steel base further echoes the ribbon-like form.3

A-frame Canteen Desk by VG&P

An extension to the versatile VG&P Canteen Table family, this discreet and visually light table comprises a linoleum top and pair of cast aluminium a-frame legs, with added flexibility in finish and configuration. A bracket at the top of each leg enables joining banks of desking together if required, while table legs are available in powder-coated or raw metal and table-tops are also available in wood.44

Oval Armchair, Metal Frame by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser

Designed by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser, VG&P will present the latest addition to the Oval Armchair family, establishing it as a core product in the company’s range and demonstrating VG&P’s adaptable approach to design. The new design replaces the original’s moulded ply frame with a single, powder-coated steel tube frame. The armchair is available with a high or low back.5