Enjoy Perfect Cellaring Conditions At Home With Vintec Walk-in Wine Cellars


Wine connoisseurs can bring a new level of sophistication to their home, along with perfect cellaring conditions with Vintec walk-in cellars, available at e&s.

The walk-in wine cellars by Vintec are created to meet standards of excellence born from a love of wine, recreating the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural undergound cellars. With a range of styles and capacities to perfectly suit individual needs, the walk-in wine cellars are for serious collectors and those passionate about their wine, ensuring their collection is protected, to be enjoyed at its best for years to come.es_vintec_walk-in-wine-cellarPerfect for reds and whites, Vintec walk-in wine cellars create the right cellaring environment, offering optimal temperature management to prevent ageing and spoiled fruit flavours. Humidity levels are maintained above 50%, preventing oxidation and ‘off’ odours.

The vibration reduction system also protects the storage life and quality of wine with an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.

The wine cellars protect wine from light damage with their UV-treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors and dimmed LED lights, while appropriate ventilation and airflow in the wine cellar prevents the environment from becoming stale and mouldy.es_vintec_cavivision_007

Vintec walk-in wine cellars can be built-in or freestanding, are delivered as flatpacks, and are easy to disassemble, making sure they can be installed anywhere and anytime, from the penthouse apartment to the basement in the family home.

The ultimate in luxurious convenience for the serious collector, Vintec walk-in cellars are crafted to perfection with an obsession for quality. Wine enthusiasts can visit their local e&s showroom to find the Vintec walk-in wine cellar that’s ideal for their needs.