Ways to Reduce Your Household’s Energy Use


There is an underlying sense of anxiety in the air around the world in relation to extreme climate conditions that almost appear to be a “feverish” symptom of a planetary disease. The anxiety is deeply rooted in a sense of responsibility that we, the humanity, have caused this rapid and noticeable change. This is why so many people are trying to adopt green habits or at least apply some practical ways to reduce their household’s energy use.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Consider going solar
Going solar is not a sci-fi concept or an expensive endeavor that will bleed you dry. Many companies that deal in the services of installing solar panels can offer you a number of very nifty packages that will go light on your pocket and offer you an opportunity to become self sufficient. Relying on solar energy can help you save at least AUD500, which is a considerable sum when one takes into the account how steep the life-expenses can be in Sydney. Furthermore, if you aspire to sell your house one day, these solar panels will definitely bring the price of your household up.asia-chang-32003-unsplash

Refrigerator is the secret enemy
When it comes to “going green” and saving energy, people rarely turn to the most inconspicuous and insidious enemy in the household – the refrigerator. If you do not want (or are not able to) purchase the new Energy Star refrigerator right now, you can at least purchase a thermometer that can “monitor” the temperature within the refrigerator – which should be kept at around 2 to 3 °C. This is the “golden zone” for the minimized energy spending.old-youth-665882-unsplash

Make sure the electrical grid is in mint condition
Have you heard of “shadow” expenditures? When the electrical bill at the end of the month appears to be significantly larger than what you have expected, it is a high possibility that this “shadow” expense is due to some “shadow” problems on the electrical grid. These bills can become especially steep in big urban areas, such as Sydney. This is why it is absolutely crucial to find the most reliable and licensed electrician, who will not only ameliorate all problems but also become familiarized with your household’s grid. This means that you will have an indispensable advisor for turning your house green in terms of electricity. While we are on the topic of “green” electricity…fre-sonneveld-1927-unsplash

LED overhaul
LED light bulbs are by far the most practical and efficient ecological additions to your household, that is, if you are ready to make that leap of faith. If you decide to do the LED overhaul, you will essentially have to storm to the local store for all the necessary LED light bulbs for your household and replace every incandescent one with the LED model. By doing this, your sources of light will spend a whopping 90% less of electrical energy. It is a bargain if there ever was one, and it is an easy DIY project to boot.riccardo-annandale-140624-unsplash

Install automatic sensors
It happens to each of us from now and then – we simply forget to flip the switch and turn off the light somewhere in the household and the money just keeps slipping through your fingers like sand. If you opted to install automatic sensors, you will greatly limit the number of hours per month in terms of working light bulbs. The lights will turn on whenever the sensors are triggered by motion, which means that you will limit the use just to how long you functionally need the light source.   Furthermore, if you update all of your exterior lights with automatic sensor option, you will not only get a better curb appeal but the increased security, too. It is a win-win situation in every way.micah-hallahan-28488-unsplashIn order to “appease” mother Earth and make her adopt a friendlier stance towards her homo sapiens children, we need to begin behaving responsibly towards the environment, both as individuals and as a group. However, if we aspire to achieve this, the most important thing is not to focus on larger problems but see what sort of a change we can make ourselves, in our immediate environment and within the confines of our own household. This is where the revolution truly begins.