Outdoor side tables for the garden and balcony from weld & co


Side tables for the garden and terrace are a design highlight and practical at the same time.

In the living room, coffee tables and handy side tables are an integral part of the furnishings. And they also provide stylish help outside. Wherever you want to put something down, small tables are practical and decorative. Side tables can be used to create outdoor oases as well as to decorate your interiors.2

Creating a feel-good atmosphere with strong design
The side tables from weld & co from the ‘Solid & Grid’ collection are a special eye-catcher. In designing the Solid & Grid collection, weld & co sets out to create a style-defining, recurring graphical structure for furniture and home accessories. weld & co were aiming for a pattern that looks light and elegant while offering sturdy durability. And achieved this with a diagonally cut grid made of steel. 3

The side tables from weld & co can be used individually or combined wonderfully with each other. Combinations of a higher round table and one or two lower tables are particularly suitable.
The Grid 01 Side Table and Solid 01 Side Table are 45 cm high.

screenshot_6 screenshot_7

A little lower, namely 40 cm, are the tables Solid 02 Side Table, Grid 02 Side Table and Solid 03 Side Table.

screenshot_9 screenshot_8

The different heights allow attractive duos and trios to be put together, with the table tops forming different levels.4

Thanks to the materials selected, all side tables are convincing in terms of stability and lightness: the table tops are made of sheet steel, the frame is made of round iron bars that underscore the graceful character of the table. Finely textured black powder-coated, the tables – individually or as an ensemble – set a clear and graceful accent in the respective environment, both outside and inside.
Thanks to the stable skid-shaped legs, the tables can be used anywhere outside. The tables’ own weight also provides additional stability.

Using outdoor tables indoors
After the garden and terrace season on rainy days, the side tables can also be used in the living room next to the couch and armchair. In this way the garden tables become coffee tables. In the bedroom the tables become bedside tables. No matter in which room the handy side tables from weld & co are placed: They are beautiful to look at and offers the perfect spot to set wine glasses or beer bottles, some coffee cups or a glass of water, a cake plates or some snacks, some books or magazines.5

You can find further information and sources of supply at: www.weldco.de