Five decorating tips to make your home Winter-ready


As the mercury continues to drop and winter draws closer, I’m bringing you a few quick decorating tips and tricks that will make your home ooze with warmth and comfort this season!

Words: Pia Sinha
Photogr: Pinterest

The winter months always provide a beautiful respite from the scorching heat of the summers. And while it’s lovely to embrace the cold during the first few days of winter, quickly the long and gloomy days seem to have us begging for warmth and comfort particularly in our homes. The trick, as always,  is to remember to decorate right.

Read on for my tips and ideas to keep it happy this season:

  1. The trick to achieving a winter-ready couch is to introduce a wonderful thing called layers. Casually drape your couch with a throw or two and don’t forget to keep a couple of blankets at arm’s length. It may be a good idea to invest in faux fur throws if you haven’t already, this year.  Use woolen cushion covers for additional warmth.



  1. While wooden flooring is a sure way to maintain warmth underfoot, you can add an extra layer of comfort with lush carpets or floor rugs. With that a crackling fireplace and you’re ready to sink in with a good book and some wine. Rugs with irregular patterns make for stunning additions. If your guests tend to take off their footwear when they step inside, why not leave them slippers to wear, so their feet don’t get cold. They’ll love you for your foresight and you’ll thank me later.



  1. A great way to mitigate the melancholy of winter weather is to infuse your home with pops of colours. Warm colours like oranges, yellows and reds will help lift the mood considerably, while bright patterns and prints in your choice of upholstery will lend oodles of energy. Opt for shades of green for a more calming appearance. Another popular colour is deep blue that works beautifully to complement white and wood.




  1. Since winters feel like the best time to stay curled up in bed for longer, why not revamp the bedroom to make your experience cosier? Quality bed linen and throw rugs are a great way to instantly raise the luxe quotient of your space. Add warmth with soft lighting from lamps on your night stands. Layer with an electric blanket and a high quality goose-down duvet and you’ve fixed yourself an irresistible bed this season.


  1. Bring nature indoors: Since it’s difficult to spend a great deal of time lounging outdoors during winter, why not bring the outdoors in? Fresh winter flowers like tulips and lilies will uplift your living spaces in a jiffy. In general, a wave of green with indoor potted plants will help change the mood dramatically.



You can also infuse your home with warmth by decorating with metallics. Work with the glint of bronze and copper in your choice of soft furnishings, knick-knacks or even table cutlery.  What’s more, the winter makes for a lovely time to whip up comfort food like slow-cooked one pot meals, hearty casseroles and stews. Imagine their aroma wafting through your home. Feels warm and heavenly, right?