Easy Ways to Make Your Yard More Private


Let’s face it, a yard or a garden should be a private patch of land, hidden away from the prying eyes. Unfortunately, in most cases, people that live in urban areas can’t hide their backyard from their peeping neighbours. Or can they?

Words: Diana Smith

Regardless of whether you want to hide from your neighbours or just create a more private and cosier backyard, we have a couple of easy makeover tips for you. So, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to learn how to make your yard more private with our four easy tips. Trust us, it will be fun.

Vertical garden
If you want to follow modern trends, then the vertical garden is the way to go. Install vertical panels on both sides of your backyard and hang pots on them. Now, you can either hang pots with flowers and other decorative plants or you can plant some vegetables and herbs in them.vertical-garden

The latter option will not only give you some privacy in your backyard, but you will also have fresh vegetables and herbs from time to time. Just an FYI, veggies and herbs do require a bit more time and effort to keep them fresh, so if you are short on both of those, you are better off planting some lovely flowers.

Living fence
Living fences and high hedges are an age-old way of keeping your yard to yourself. For hundreds of years, homeowners planted tall bushes so that they can get a little bit of peace and quiet in their backyard. The best part, it’s still as effective as it was back then.living-fence

You can plant whichever bush you want, just make sure that it’s thick and easy to maintain. Bear in mind that once the trimming season arrives, you will have to cut branches on every bush. However, if you plant an evergreen bush, then you won’t have to touch it once it is fully grown.

Create private spot with curtains
Now, planting bushes and building vertical gardens is not always an option, especially if you live in an urban area. If you don’t have room to pull off our first two suggestions, then spreading a curtain might be the way to go. There is nothing too complicated about this concept. Walling yourself off with a brick wall is little bit too much, don’t you think? However, curtains will achieve the same effect and cost you a lot less. Of course, you shouldn’t install curtains from corner to corner. Instead, select a spot where you will build a cosy environment, and surround it with curtains to make it that more private.create-private-spot-with-curtains

Install a roof
Finally, don’t forget about the views from the above. If tall buildings surround your yard, then you will have to install some kind of a roof as well. You can go about this in a couple of directions. First, the traditional backyard patio is a stylish but a bit pricier way to go. Second, you can install one of those modern commercial shade sails above your backyard which is a more accessible option. You won’t have to hire a construction crew to assemble everything since shade sails are easy to install and maintain.install-a-roof

As you can see, taking care of peeping neighbours is not that hard, but it does require a minimal amount of effort. Just stick to any of these four solutions, and you will have your very own private backyard in no time.