Art for oceans by Desenio


This year Desenio is teaming up with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) in its mission to protect the ocean.

In support of BLUE and its cause Desenio has created the collection Art For Oceans, consisting of 18 art prints all celebrating the beauty of our oceans. With Art For Oceans we want to help BLUE draw attention to the crisis in the oceans and support a solution that preserves life and beauty beneath the ocean surface.6785650_l

The threats facing our oceans are not new. They have existed for a long time, escalating quickly. 90% of wild fish stocks are now overfished or fully exploited, wreaking havoc on marine ecology. When one fish species is overfished, the chain reaction is immense. Depleting the population of adult fish with commercial fishing reduces capacity for reproduction, meaning the stock slowly but surely collapses. In the past 50 years, the number of overfished stocks globally has tripled.screenshot_4

BLUE as a charity makes a difference by securing marine protected areas, developing models of sustainable fishing, restoring marine habitats, tackling unsustainable fishing and connecting people with the sea. These activities won’t only heal the ocean, they will change our future.

The collection will be available for purchase across all Desenio online store. Head to