Australian-made furniture gets a boost with Berkowitz


Premium furniture retailer Berkowitz has joined the Australian Made Campaign as a Retail Partner, to help promote the benefits of Australian-made furniture to shoppers.

Fourth generation Berkowitz Managing Director, Peter Berkowitz, said the company had been manufacturing furniture in Australia for more than 100 years, and retailing some of the country’s best-loved Australian-made brands for almost as long.

“We want to be able to continue to offer our customers locally made alternatives for decades to come, but if the industry is going to survive it needs our support,” Says Berkowitz.


“From next month the Australian Made logo will become central to store and marketing branding as Berkowitz encourages shoppers to buy local when making their next furniture purchase.”

“Product quality, ease of customisation and shorter lead times for delivery are just a few of the benefits of buying Australian-made,” he says.

“Berkowitz is proud to continue its ongoing work to promote locally made furniture and furnishings to shoppers via the highly recognised and trusted kangaroo logo.”

One of the reasons we love working with Australian manufacturers is because we can so easily tailor their products for our customers. Almost everything, from the length and width of an item, to the type of timber used and the fabric it is covered with, is flexible when you buy Australian-made. – Peter Berkowtiz

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, said Retail Partners play a crucial role in providing Australian-made options for consumers, and educating them on the benefits.

“The Australian Made Campaign will work with Berkowitz to remind shoppers there is a great range of Australian-made furniture and furnishings available to them – they just need to look for the logo,” says Harrison.

Berkowitz stocks Australian-made furniture and furnishings from brands such as Molmic, Tessa Furniture and Warwick Fabrics.