Australian Seating Company now a major player in Europe


Sit and Move Australia is a privately owned company that was incubated from 25 years of scientific research and biomechanical engineering. The patented technology developed and manufactured in Australia sets it apart from other chair manufacturers globally. It has formed a joint venture called Sit and Move BV with 706 Seating Group in the Netherlands. Sit And Move Australia has its head office in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia with manufacturing and R & D in Sydney and Melbourne.

706 Seating Group has 5 seating companies in Europe and is a unique private label manufacturer in the medium end seating market. It carries over 20,000 chairs in stock and services all of Europe. Its JV with Sit And Move Australia now makes Sit and Move BV a major player in the high end speciality market whilst leveraging the logistics and distribution infrastructure of the Group. There is now a need to build a larger distribution centre in the Netherlands to accommodate the new JV requirements. Sit And Move BV will be exhibiting at Orgatec 2018 in Cologne which is the world leading trade fair for the modern working world.screenshot_4

Sit And Move Global Expansion
Sit And Move Australia through its Australian partner, Ergotronic Pty Ltd developed the worldwide known Therapod and Cpod technology for office seating. Until recently, these back technologies were used by Malmstolen AB, a Swedish company (recently taken over by a multi-national, Flokk). It was also licensed in United Kingdom, Australia and North America.

Over the last 5 years, Sit And Move Australia developed a number of new technologies that are patented. This includes a back fit system that autonomously adjusts and fits to a user’s back shape and a biotechnology seat for its chairs to support the pelvis and redistribute pressure. In 2019, it will release its KIN technology that will fit into any of its chairs to encourage good posture and movement. There will also be a release of 2 new lines in early 2019.screenshot_1

Within a year Sit And Move will be able to supply 10 unique chair models globally. All patented technology components for Sit And Move chairs are manufactured in Australia. Industrial robots are now used in most manufacturing processes in Australia, Europe and United States. These components are then shipped to its Taiwan assembly plant which employs craftsman known for their detailed quality and traditional workmanship.screenshot_3

Sit And Move products are built to exceed German, European, USA and Australian standards. They provide customers a 15-year warranty on their office chairs. In Europe this is combined with an end-of-life reimbursement. Every chair that is no longer used by the customer at the end-of-life will be reimbursed to the customer when returned for end of life processing. In this way we take the necessary steps in meeting our global responsibility to sustainable manufacturing processes.