New Bauhaus Seating Range by Len Furniture


“When I was a child I would spend hours playing with a set of timber blocks” recalls Helen Kontouris from Len Furniture. “They were painted in gorgeous muted tones of green, orange, reds, ochre and blues and I would sit and create small wooden buildings and furniture with them for hours at a time. As I grew older, this set of wooden blocks would go with me wherever I moved, never letting them go or understanding why they meant so much to me and why I wouldn’t part with them.”screenshot_4“Years later I realised that they represented value in simplicity, colour, texture, and imagination. Then I discovered that these simple timber blocks were the creation of Alma Seidhoff- Buscher, a graduate of the Bauhaus movement, and created
for children to explore.”

The Bauhaus Seating System is defined by their compact, gently curved, quilted soft forms combined with a sophisticated palette of seating configurations, encouraging interchangeable formations. A flexible and inviting collection perfectly suited to small or vast open-plan interior environments.screenshot_5

All elements of the collection are characterised by their visually bold, richly textured, plump and quilted bevelled chasms.

Bringing together combinations of squares, circles, triangles and rectangles, to be grouped in multiple compositions or private settings. The intersection of lines express a signature graphic dimension to the collection, creating a strong visual identity.screenshot_6

“With ‘Bauhaus’ I’ve conceived a collection that’s rich in expression, conceived from childhood memories that have informed my designs from a formative age – it’s been an
opportunity to explore the articulation of creative process through these recollections,” says Helen.

Handcrafted in Melbourne using the highest quality materials, Bauhaus creates inviting
and refined interior spaces by embracing and facilitating a wonderful palette of complementary traditional forms, bringing together a cohesive collection that can be selected Individually or layered together to create environments that are uplifting to inhabit and enable social interactions or provide privacy for focussed concentration.screenshot_7