Don’t make this common styling mistake in your living space


A common mistake made by home owners is that their Coffee Tables are often too small for the space they inhabit.  It’s important that the visual balance between the sofa, lounge chairs and coffee table are all proportional to the size of the lounge or living space.  If you are blessed with a large space then balance it with a generous Sofas and proportionally large Coffee Table and vice versa.  A sure fire test to see if you’ve got it right is when you reach over to place that glass of wine or magazine onto the Coffee Table, it should be within arm’s length of the seating options.  And if you are yet to purchase furniture items for a new space, a good test is to map out furniture pieces,  represented to the cm, by large pieces of newspaper.

Satara has an extensive and constantly expanding range of designer Sofas and Coffee Tables.  This month sees the introduction of the new Myriad Sofa and Capitan Coffee table.

The Myriad Sofa features a very generous and soft design and has been locally crafted from Zepels new Fibre Guard Fabric.  FibreGuard’s Stain Resistant Technology allows you to enjoy your couch, or favourite armchair, assured that it can withstand the demands life throws at it. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed allowing you to keep your fabric upholstered furniture looking fresh year after year.  FibreGuard fabrics are green conscious and are safe both for people and the environment. Certified by Oekotex, no harmful chemicals or finishes are released from this fabric.

The stunning Capitan Coffee Table is crafted from naturally beautiful timbers and features a ‘chunky’ and layered design.  A round solid table top appears to slot into a thick round frame.  This is supported by 4 solid legs that taper at ground level.  The overall soft organic effect offers a modern 2019/20 look that also functions beautifully.