Dark Floral Murals Bring Floral Wallpaper Back on Trend


Floral wallpaper may have been a thing of the past as it once adorned your grandparent’s walls, but it’s back in vogue and not as you may remember it.

Dainty floral patterns were a must-have for homes in the 1940s. With delicate colours in lines of safe design, the trend soon ended when it came to the vibrant ‘60s. Fast forward to 2019 and you will have seen its comeback emerge.

With help from the likes of Carol Robinson who updated the floral mural collection with her watercolour masterpieces and Andrea Haase who incorporated jungle vibes, Wallsauce has seen a new demand for floral wallpaper. Combined with the moody blooms captured on the catwalk, Wallsauce has curated a collection of dark floral murals that will bring your décor right on-trend.

From selected artwork by Germany’s pattern designer, Uta Naumann to works of art by Abraham Mignon and Jan Davidsz de Heem courtesy of the Bridgeman Art Library, discover the intense, dark floral collection at Wallsauce.

With their deep backgrounds and bold blooms, these made-to-measure wall murals are ready to give any room the ultimate feature wall. Available on a choice of materials including a removable wallpaper – which is great for rented homes – this sophisticated collection is a must-see for any fan of maximalism.