A Stylist Guide to Decorating with Florals


 The change of seasons comes at the perfect time to redecorate and give your home a new look. What better way to bring the outdoors inside the home than embracing floral prints. By introducing this timeless trend, you are able to have a big impact on the appearance of your interior without feeling dated.

Celebrating the environmental changes by incorporating fresh and vibrant floral elements into home interiors, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson shares her top 3 tips on how you are able to transfer your home this spring.

It’s All About Scale
Avoid prints looking dated and opt for large scale patterns to get the most impact. Consider the scale of how much floral you use and opt to mix floral patterns with some blocked coloured cushions and avoid recovering a whole sofa in a floral fabric.

The matchy matchy trend gone with the wind try adding a modern twist to your interiors by mixing a few floral patterns. Sticking to the same colours and tones, the patterns will work perfectly together creating a more tailored and designer finish to your space.

Not all florals have to be pretty!
Don’t be afraid and shy away from decorating with florals due to the femininity of the trend. By incorporating a delicate floral wallpaper to a room this portrays masculine lines and avoids the room feeling too girly.

Black accents can make a room feel less dated so why not try and incorporate bright neon patterns to add a modern edge.

Artwork is a simple way to introduce floral prints into your interior. Mixing monochromatic floral pattered art work with strong block coloured cushions can leave your space edgy and therefore appealing to everyone.

Upholstery – what’s old is new again
Subtle pops of floral work best. Recovering one item of furniture without redoing your whole room proves that a little spend can lead to a big impact.

Curtains with a soft pattern will introduce a fresh bloom feeling to a room. Rugs are another way to incorporate a floral pattern into a space.

A vibrant zesty floral rug can add a fantastic visual anchor to a room. Think outside the box by thinking of buds, blossoms and branch motifs as they to fall under the floral umbrella but help to add a modern twist.