Dining ideas from Very Good & Proper


Canteen Collection by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser

Launched during LDF 2009, Canteen is the signature collection of VG&P and comprises a chair, bar chair and table as well as a coat hook.

The Canteen Utility Chair – inspired by the classic post-war British school chair – is a simple lightweight and stackable design that retains its original look and feel, with an updated aesthetic and production method.

The chair is available in a wide range of finishes, as well as a monotone or upholstered version.

The Canteen Table’s specific feature is its versatility, with tops available in a vast palette of Linoleum colours and solid timber finishes, alongside numerous edge details from a wide library of materials.

Bird Collection by Michael Marriott

Made entirely of solid ash wood, the Bird Collection comprises a Windsor-inspired chair and a solid stool. Offering a slightly different twist on the original Windsor, the Bird Chair uses flat sections for the side rails and back slats to improve comfort. Both the chair and stool’s tapered legs reference traditional woodworking techniques, and a selection of coloured stained finishes offers a young appeal.bird

Dowel and Metal Dowel Table by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser

The Dowel Table is an elegant and timeless wooden table made of solid timber with soft rounded profile legs and a customisable top. It is also available with metal legs in a wide range of hues and can be adapted to every space thanks to its customisable dimensions.dowel

Pino Chair by John Tree

Pino Chair is an exceptionally comfortable simple stacking chair comprising a single plywood shell with a solid wooden frame. Unlike typical wooden frame chairs, with a seat and back as separate parts, the Pino Chair uses a single ply shell to increase comfort, strength, and longevity. The design seeks to bridge both traditional solid wood chairs and more contemporary plywood-based stacking chair typologies.pino

VG&P Stools by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser

Available in high and low versions, the VG&P Stools offer a modern take on the traditional wooden stool. Its metal legs have tapered ends that reference traditional woodworking methods and make the structure visually light. The VG&P Bar Stool features an unfinished brushed stainless-steel footrest that adds visual contrast, whereas the Low Stool’s x-brace ties the frame together and make it extremely robust.vgp

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