How to Make Your Home Office Fabulous, Efficient and Cosy


If you’re working from the comfort of your own home, congratulations, you’re the person every office POW hates. Working from home opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you to tend to your chores and work in your PJs, to take the dog out for a walk and enjoy complete privacy and unobstructed productivity in a familiar, friendly setting.

Words: Catherine Collins

With the rise of technology-driven careers in the modern world, there is nothing stopping you from launching your own business or building a career from the keyboard on your laptop. However, in order for your new lifestyle to bear the right fruit, you need to design the perfect home office that will help you achieve the success you crave. Here is how you can make your home office fabulous, efficient, and cosy.

Think comfy and ergonomic
First things first, you have to enjoy the things you do in life, and the best way to truly enjoy your work is to first make yourself comfortable. But not comfortable in a sense that you’ll fall asleep at your desk, but rather that your body gets the support it needs to remain strong, healthy, and full of energy.

home-office-1575464_960_720Modern office designs are all about comfort and productivity, so make sure you introduce ergonomic furniture such as a comfy chair and an ergonomic couch. Remember, nobody says you have to spend the entire workday at your desk, so if you feel like moving to the couch, feel free to do so. Just make sure it’s not too comfy so that you doze off.

Settle on a theme that resonates with your personality
A personal touch can make all the difference in the way you perceive your home office and how much it inspires you to work in such a setting towards realising your goals. Start by choosing the essential colour palette of the room, making sure that it speaks to your personal taste.

apple-1284085_960_720While dark hues are very popular in home office interiors because they promote privacy and concentration, lighter colour schemes are also excellent at supporting the flow of positive energy and keeping your own energy levels high. You want to complement the base colour with vibrant contrasts or complementary hues on the furniture and the decorations to give the room a unique flair.

Embrace modern technology
Not only should your home office be fabulous and cosy, but it should also be a place of unparalleled productivity and efficiency. To achieve this, you want to simplify all of your daily processes with the help of technology.

laptop-2838921_960_720Nowadays, there’s a gadget and an app for everything, so use productivity apps on your computer and your smartphone to maintain focus; tidy up your work schedule with an intuitive organiser, and keep your label maker stocked with a batch of Dymo label tapes so that you can print out mail addresses, and organise your office more efficiently.

Don’t forget about light and air quality
Adequate lighting is essential in a productive office setting, and proper air quality can mean the difference between leaving work early and staring at your computer ‘till midnight. So make sure your office is illuminated copiously throughout the day, and don’t forget to pop open a window every half hour to let fresh air into the room.

For those long evening hours spent thinking of innovative ideas for your business, you want to have warm artificial lighting illuminating your work area, and the furniture as well.

Add various trinkets and striking accents
Finally, it’s time to add a personal touch to the design. Motivation plays a key role in success, so be sure to fill out your office with the things that push you towards achieving your goals. Think about inspirational quote art on the walls, motivational accents on your desk, and don’t forget to introduce potted plants and colourful flower arrangements into the setting as well.

iphone-791450_960_720Working from home gives you the chance to tailor your work environment to your exact liking, a chance to create an amazing home office that will lead you on the path to success. By following these essential tips you will have no problem creating a fabulous, efficient, and cosy home office.