The Years Most Wanted Gift from Indi Tribe Collective – Never Spill Your Wine Again!


Ladies and Gentlemen, raise your glasses as we applaud a small business success story: Indi Tribe Collective. Their hero product, the Folding Wine Table, takes luxe to a whole new level. Practical and versatile; all you need to do is add cheese and wine!

The inception of the Folding Wine Table took place in a beautiful setting. A beach picnic, some spilt wine & sand-covered grapes, a handy husband with a clever idea and a wife who was only too happy to trial the prototype. When the very first table appeared at their next gathering the wine glasses and bottle were artfully nestled in purpose engineered voids, the surface was adorned with breadsticks and brie and the concept was met with enthusiastic encouragement from everybody there. The Folding Wine table was born!

Each folding table is created from sustainably sourced timber and handcrafted in Melbourne’s most popular wine region; The Mornington Peninsula. It comes as no surprise then that within weeks of launching, hundreds of people wanted to get their hands on their Folding Wine tables.folding-wine-table-4-glass-hardwood

“Cutest little picnic table” says Dea Jolly (Winner on The Block Triple Threat) on Instagram “I love it. We’ve used it all summer!”

Available in multiple settings from the two-person Honeymoon to the 8 Glass Super Luxe, there’s a table to suit any occasion. And with style queens Elise Cook (Owner of Down The Rabbit Hole Winery), Emmylou Macarthy (TV Personality) and Sarita Holland (Blogger) amongst its diehard fans, it’s easy to see why you’ll find the Folding Wine Table everywhere from a woodlands picnic, to a glamping weekend, to a carefully styled room reveal on The Block. Or music festivals, beach holidays, backyard parties….the list goes on!

Foldable, fuss-free and just a little fancy. Perfect for a gift or to treat yourself.folding-wine-table-4-glass-hardwood1