Kitchen Cabinetry Design: Fresh Trends


During the past several years, kitchens have finally started to receive the necessary attention they deserve. And since this part of a home is finally being discussed, there are a lot of new trends on the market every year regarding its design.

Now, while some general aspects of kitchen elements will probably remain unchanged in their core – such as the fact that kitchen islands are still a very popular feature, even they are experiencing some changes design-wise. But the biggest change we will be presented with this year has to do with kitchen cabinets. So, let’s check out some of the hottest trends.

Words: Lillian Connors

Open shelves
Open shelf kitchen cabinets simply look stunning, so we can definitely expect to see more of them in 2019. While some people might not find this trend super appealing simply because they don’t think that their dinnerware is attractive enough to be on display, it’s important to notice that with the right organizational skills and just a tad of creativity, you can create a really beautiful and unique design. Therefore, empty out your kitchen cabinets – this will be the perfect time to do some decluttering as well, take the cabinet doors off and start decorating with your dishes, food containers and cups.02

Custom repainting
Treating your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint might not sound too innovative, but do know that nowadays, with the help of modern technologies, you can completely customize the paint colour you wish to use on your kitchen cabinets. Once you decide on your preferred hue, give your cabinets extra oomph by choosing a beautiful finish. For example, kitchen polyurethane coating will not only make your cabinets look fresh and new, but it will also do an excellent job of protecting them. This style is the perfect choice for those who want their kitchens to feel as personal as possible.04

Keeping it clean
Just like all other elements of interior design, kitchen cabinets weren’t spared the modern wave either. This became quite obvious when kitchen cabinets that rocked clean, modern lines hit the market. Aside from the fact that they are free of any intricate or ornate design, they usually feature a recessed panel door or even a glass door front. Even the handles found on these types of kitchen cabinetry are very simple and minimalist in terms of design, finish and even colour – they are most commonly made of simple metal with a chrome or matte finish. This style of kitchen cabinets is excellent for people who enjoy modern designs and clean, minimalist look.

Back to black
This year, we can expect to see an increased number of black kitchens. Simply put, black is the colour that fits in perfectly with modern kitchen equipment and gadgets, so it’s no wonder that it has become the favourite option of so many people. Aside from fact that it will make your kitchen look simply elegant, this colour option allows you to create a sophisticated and almost mysterious vibe in the hear of your home. When it comes to hardware you should go with black on black for a more seamless look or choose a high-polish metallic finish if you wish to add some extra pizzazz to your kitchen cabinets.05

Top-to-bottom cabinets
Finally, stepping a bit outside of the traditional kitchen cabinet design, top-to-bottom cabinets will be a new trend this year. Not only are they extremely practical as they offer you more room for storage, but they are also pretty bold. This design is definitely not the perfect choice for people who don’t want to make a statement, so if you prefer something more traditional and “down-to-earth” avoid implementing them in your kitchen.

These were just some of the trends we can expect to see in the upcoming months. No matter if you’re considering updating your kitchen or not, check them out and who knows – you might even get inspired to make some updates in your kitchen.03