5 Tips for Adding More Living Space to Your Home


Every once in a while, you might feel like your family home just isn’t big enough. What a lot of people do in this scenario is move to a bigger place, but there’s always an alternative. You see, there are several methods that allow you to keep the neighborhood and get more living space for a much lower price. Here are five such methods that can help you add more space to your home.

Enclose a patio
While technically this isn’t a room, the function that it gets will be just the same. Moreover, if your living room already has a reading nook, you can use your enclosed patio for this purpose and get this new corner of the room to use in a different fashion. A patio is an area of your property that you’re not using for the duration of an entire year. However, by enclosing the patio, this can change. All of a sudden, you can have an additional living room in your home and the options that come with this are quite numerous.2

Expand a room
Another thing that you could do is expand your living room by moving your walls a bit outside. Don’t get fooled by how simple this sounds because it’s still a serious project that we’re talking about. This is a project that’s most commonly done in the kitchen area and by moving just a couple of inches in every direction, you can massively increase any room in your home. Keep in mind, however, that this usually requires you to expand the formwork of your home, which isn’t easy or inexpensive. All in all, this method usually isn’t that cost-effective, yet, it’s an option that’s definitely available.

Add another room
The simplest solution is usually the most obvious one and when it comes to the question of how to add more space to your home the answer is – you add another room. Sure, this may require some additional licenses and permits, yet, these are much easier to get than permits for new home construction. Additionally, with cutting edge construction techniques like the use of pre-fabricated steel frame in the construction process, this can be made even easier.3Add a second story
A second story addition is not just a way to transform the usability of your home but also a way to completely alter its appearance and value. First, you should consult a civil engineer in order to check if such a thing is even permitted. Then, you need to hire a contractor to check whether the existing structure can take it. Once both of these inquiries come back positive, you can start making your plans. Keep in mind, however, that this project will put your entire home in dismay, which is why you’ll need a place to crash in the meantime.

Build over the garage
Building over a garage somewhat resembles what we’ve previously discussed but it’s much simpler and with fewer downsides. First of all, you don’t have to look for a place to stay. Second, the expenses of the project are going to be lower and you won’t have to acquire as many permits. Unfortunately, the end result is nowhere near as impressive.

More space means more options, but also more value. This means that by engaging in such a project, you’ll alter your asset structure and your lifestyle at the same time. Overall, both of these things indicate a trend of growth for both you and your family, which is something that you definitely should not neglect. With the right amount of careful planning, this task as a whole doesn’t have to be as arduous.