Euromobil presents its new Telero kitchen


Euromobil presents Telero, its kitchen decor inspired by the ‘Kitchen Atmosphere’ communications leitmotiv. It represents a journey through atmospheres provided by exciting contemporary architecture that everyone can enjoy.

The perfect blend of functionality and good looks, Telero reaches a precise target: to create a customised kitchen that fully satisfies everyone’s tastes, needs and ways of sharing food. This innovative project is the work of the company’s R&D department and architect Roberto Gobbo, who once again have studied every minimum detail to produce a project that incorporates functionality, elegance and comfort.

3The inspiration for Telero comes from 14th century Venetian ‘telero’, oil paintings on large framed canvasses applied directly to walls as an alternative to frescoes painted on plaster, a combination of art and craftsmanship that produced practical, durable works of art. Our constant search for outstanding crafted finishes and technologically advanced materials produce a modern version, together with the haute design essential for customising every kitchen.

This is Euromobil’s philosophy behind Telero kitchen furniture that features a 16.5mm thick anodised titanium and absolute black aluminium frame with finely striped finish, and 4 or 6mm thick multimaterial panels. Telero comes in a series of finishes: matt and glossy glass, porcelain stoneware, matt, glossy, fusion and satin-finish lacquered, textured and heat treated wood, Fenix and acrylic stone.

2The handle is the distinguishing feature which gives the design imprint to the doors.  Its upper profile is elegantly slim and specially designed to increase grip and bestow personality, character and style. Cleaning operations are facilitated by the 45° inclined edges that give the fronts a pleasant refined look.

Other features of Telero are a new glass door, Frame – a titanium and absolute black aluminium frame enclosing transparent extra clear or smoked toughened glass – and two new, versatile boiserie systems whose elements can be moved to facilitate organising space so that your kitchen reflects your personality: Horizon and Up.

Horizon is a horizontal rack system that integrates with the kitchen and living room decor, and has an anti-detachment mechanism.  Each shelf has a load-bearing capacity of 16 kg.

4Up boiserie is a system with an aluminium, electrified vertical rack. It is designed to take cable-free LED illuminated shelves that can be moved as required because the LED lights are automatically powered on contact with the rack.

Euromobil’s fundamental Telero project linked to its Kitchen Atmosphere claim illustrates the company’s vision for now and the future; kitchen furniture that creates practical places in which to entertain. This makes the kitchen the drive that unites the family and dear friends, especially in these times when food is a trending topic and a true protagonist of everyday life.