Celebrate the power of love with Koket this Valentine’s Day


Stir your innermost desire to feel the warmth of love, and the powerful intimacy of an endorphin rush, by surrounding yourself with alluring materials and voluptuous decor in pinks, reds, and golds from KOKET!

The Sevilliana Sofa in red creates an instant spark. Inspired by wild, passionate nights of the Spanish dance, you are sure to feel the love as you curl up in the Sevilliana’s graceful curves reminiscent of the dancing girls of Sevillana. Or capture the alluring essence of a magical forest with the Enchanted Sofa. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize anyone in its presence.sofas-_-sevilliana-sofa-red

For a touch of romantic bling, the Gem Table Lamp in pink serves as a constant reminder of the power of pink and gemstones when it comes to the topic of love.
Bring romance to the bedroom with KOKET’s original boudoir temptress, the Forbidden Bed.table-lamps-_-gem-table-lamp
Embodying all that is sultry and seductive, Forbidden’s hand-carved sculptural crown celebrates the sensuous union of lips and body, that moment time stands still and a deep yearning awakens.

Inspired by the power and intrigue of the Geisha, a Japanese hostess highly trained to entertain men through the art of conversation, dance, and song, the Geisha Chair delivers powerful passion.sofas-_-geisha-sofa-red

Powerful and loving, the Goddess Mirror reflects your inner beauty and unique brilliance as its two-hundred brass hands encircle you, reaching to lifting you up to the pedestal on which you belong.mirrors-_-goddess-mirror-2
Love is a language we speak with all of our senses! Warm, sweet, sensual, KOKET’s signature Empowering Scent simultaneously infuses your space with mysterious, classic, and sexy vibes.