The Complete Guide to Buying the Perfect Rug for Your Lifestyle


Rugs are more than just beautiful embellishments that can elevate your home décor. You can also use them to create an ambience of comfort and cosiness and a playful effect by juxtaposing different materials and textures in your sanctuary. Their colour, patterns and style can help you create a whimsical atmosphere in your home, tying your space together and creating a cohesive look. However, when choosing your area rugs, you need to consider your lifestyle, personal taste and your home design in order to choose the ones that will fit into your stylish home.

Words: Lana Hawkins

Children call the shots
If you have small children who are constantly running around or they’ve just started crawling, you need to choose your rugs carefully. Children spend a lot of time playing on the floors, so introducing beautiful rugs can keep them warm and cosy. However, you need to be aware of the fact that rugs and carpets are often home to numerous toxic chemicals and allergens that can affect your children’s health. In addition, plush area rugs can also be a safety hazard because your children can trip on them when running around.pexels-photo-1257105

Another important factor to take into consideration when choosing rugs for a family home is durability. There will undoubtedly be a lot of spills and stains, so you need to choose rugs that will be resistant and easy to clean. Some of the best and most stylish family-friendly rugs include sheepskin and wool rugs, those made of synthetic fibres and rugs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, make sure to go with flat or low-pile rugs because they are easier to clean.

Pets matter, too
You need to take similar factors into consideration if you have pets. Your furry friends will leave a lot of hair and stains behind, so you need to go with durable, functional rugs. A great trick is to go with area rugs with bold colours and intricate patterns that will hide stains if they don’t come off. It’s always advisable to choose stain-resistant polyester rugs at a more affordable price because they will eventually become worn-out, so you’ll have to replace them.pexels-photo-69436

Style is always important
Just because you have kids or pets, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the style and appeal of your rugs. You can still have chic, stylish and mesmerising rugs that will elevate your home décor. However, you should consider the general style of your home and choose rugs that will complement it. For instance, if your home features a minimalist, modern design, you can go with rugs with monochromatic patterns. On the other hand, if your space has a vintage vibe, antique, slightly faded rugs are the perfect choice. What’s even better is the fact that you can find beautiful and chic rugs online at a great price. You’ll have more design options and you’ll be able to find rugs that meet your needs and your

Don’t forget the shape and size
The shape and size of your rooms are another important factor to consider when choosing your area rugs. In fact, with the right rugs, you can even make your space seem bigger and more open. Generally, your rugs should be big enough to fit your seating areas. However, if this isn’t possible, the front legs of your furniture, such as chairs, armchairs and sofas, should still be on the rugs. You can also go with long runner rugs in the hallway or by your beds to accentuate the length of your space. However, you should never go with a rug too small for your space. This will create a disproportionate effect and an unflattering look. Finally, you should also choose rugs that will complement the shape of your rooms. For instance, square rooms are more appealing when embellished with round or square rugs.camylla-battani-781107-unsplash

The charms of green design
If you’ve decided to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and switch to a green home design, rugs are a great way to start. Eco-friendly rugs will give an organic touch to your home while also keeping it healthy and toxin-free. This is also a great choice if you have children or pets because green, organic rugs are completely healthy. Hemp, jute, sisal, wool and woven seagrass are all stylish and healthy options that will complement your green lifestyle while also creating a beautiful, nature-inspired look in your home.suganth-466906-unsplash

Choosing the right rugs for your home brings a lot of considerations that will ensure the appeal and functionality of your home.