Say hello to Tint: Paint to drop your sheets about


Tint is stirring up the Australian paint industry to take the pain out of buying paint. Launched this month, Tint is an online paint brand offering express delivery straight to your door with the aim to make home renovations simple, fun and rewarding.

Tint has launched with premium, eco-friendly interior and exterior paints in a beautiful colour range that includes key Pantone hues. Plus, thanks to Pico colour-matching technology, custom colours can be ordered with minimal fuss. Tint’s innovative colour sample stickers make choosing your paint colour fun, easy and hassle-free, while its high-quality painting tools and accessories will help you get the job done. With home delivery as standard, Tint is giving the industry a much-needed fresh coat of paint.screenshot_8

The primer
Tint is the brainchild of DJ Dikic and Rocky Liang who co-founded the award-winning colour technology business Palette in 2013. Palette supplies products, such as Pico, to leading paint brands in Australia, Asia and Europe. Pico is a paint-matching device that enables customers to scan and replicate any colour.

Palette and Pico made it easier for consumers to choose a paint colour and set DJ and Rocky thinking about what else they could make easier. The pair got to work understanding how people choose and buy paint and started reimagining the paint-shopping experience. The result is Tint, a simple, 100-per-cent-online way to buy paint.

The base coat
The experience of shopping for paint hasn’t changed in decades and is about as exciting as watching paint dry. DJ and Rocky created Tint as they wanted home paint buying – and ultimately home renovations – to be simple, fun and rewarding.

Purchasing from Tint eliminates the time and stress of going to a store, instead you simply browse, sample and purchase the paint online which is then conveniently delivered to your door. The Season One collection comprises 70 coveted colours, including C.R.E.A.M., Double Denim, Wine and Unwind, Savage Garden and Fika. Tint is also the exclusive supplier of Pantone colours in Australia with 15 key Pantone hues including Colour of the Year, Classic Blue.screenshot_10

The choice of three finishes also removes confusion, and innovative Pico and colour sample stickers make it fun and easy to experiment with colour. The easy-to-use Tint app encourages experimentation and offers an interactive way to measure space, trial colours and calculate the amount of paint you will need.

All Tint paints are vegan, premium-quality and include high-specification inclusions such as low VOC and antibacterial properties at no extra cost. The paint is easy to apply and wash, hardwearing, non-odorous and it fights mould.

The finishing coat
Tint is designed to make choosing paint colour simple, fun and rewarding and educates consumers in the process. You simply select colours, order samples and purchase paint and painting accessories online for home delivery. The premium paint product is available in a selection of curated or custom colours and finishes, all of which meet strict sustainability standards.


How wide is the colour range?
Tint offers a curated collection of 70 beautiful colours based on the most popular hues as identified by more than one million colour scans from Pico users worldwide. As an official Pantone affiliate, Tint also offers 15 key Pantone colours and is the only supplier of Pantone colours in Australia. For those who dare to be different a quick colour scan using Pico colour-matching device can be used to order a paint to match any physical colour you desire.

How does Pico work?
Simply use Pico to scan any colour on a painted surface. Pico connects to the Tint app to generate a unique colour code, and the custom colour is mixed up at Tint’s HQ.

Still not sure what colour to choose?
You have better things to do than watch sample pots dry. Instead, you can try the colour at home with Tint’s colour sample stickers. Simply order the giant peel-and-stick colour swatches to see how the colour looks in real life. The swatches won’t damage your walls and can moved to different positions so you can see how the colour looks in different light. screenshot_9

Does Tint provide sample pots?
Tint’s moveable sample stickers have made messy sample pots a thing of the past.

What if I don’t know my semi-gloss from my satin?
Tint has picked three gorgeous finishes to guarantee a perfect result. Low sheen for Tint’s wall and exterior paints, semi-gloss for trim paint and flat for ceiling paint.

What size are the paint cans?
Tint is keeping it simple with 4-litre paint cans.

Do I still need to go to the shops to buy the tools?
Nope, Tint has a full range of premium painting accessories and tools, including paint rollers, trays, drop sheets and tape. You also can’t go past the paint brushes with fun messages such as “Fill in the blanks.”

How do I receive the paint?
Tint delivers paint and accessories to your door. Next-day delivery in Sydney and express for other Australian cities and regional areas. Delivery is free for purchases more than $200. All paint is 100-per-cent Australian made, and mixed, packed and shipped from the Tint HQ in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

How does the paint quality and cost compare?
By being a direct-to-consumer brand, Tint is able to offer premium products at better-than-competitive prices. All Tint paints are premium-quality and include high-specification inclusions such as low VOC and antibacterial properties at no extra cost. All paint is easy to apply and easy to wash, hardwearing, non-odorous and it fights mould, making it perfect for all interior spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Are sustainability attributes also included as standard?
You bet. Tint cares about your health and the environment and thinks its unethical for brands to charge more for sustainability. Tint’s vegan paint is free from animal cruelty and animal by-products, and more than 99-per-cent free from the air-polluting VOCs that are commonly found in high levels in most paints. Plus, the Tint operation centre is 100 per cent powered by renewable energy, so you can rest easier about the impact your paint has on the planet.

Do they give back?
Sure do. Tint has proudly partnered with Kids Under Cover to tackle youth homelessness and contribute to creating brighter futures. Tint provides paint for the organisation’s studio accommodation initiative. Return any of your unused paint and Tint will deliver that to Kids Under Cover as well, plus we’ll recycle your packaging.

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