How to choose a sofa to suit your home


The time has come to replace your old sofa with a new one and now you’re facing the daunting task of choosing a new sofa for your home. Where do you start? Samantha Clarke, marketing manager from Focus on Furniture shares her top tips on how to find that perfect sofa to suit your home.

Tip 1: Think about size
How many family members are using the sofa?  What is the size of your room?  Where are your windows and doors placed?  What is the main function of the sofa? These questions must be asked when you are shopping for your next sofa.  Sofa sizes come in two-seaters to huge eight seater modulars (with optional ottomans for extra seating) so consider the amount of people who will be regularly using the sofa is a must!

Tip 2: Measure up
Before you head out shopping, measure the size of the space you would like to place your new sofa. The most basic dimensions of the space you will be filling should be measured in length, width and height. Write your measurements down or store them on your iPhone so you can have them ready to go when shopping. Once you have found your perfect sofa, measure up and ensure it will fit correctly in your room.  Also make sure there is plenty of room for delivery – many people forget to measure their hallway or stairwell and end up disappointed when their beautiful sofa can’t make it to the lounge room!

Tip 3: Select your style
From contemporary upholstered lounges, to classic premium leather suites, there is a wide variety of sofa styles, shapes and designs to suit every home and budget. Consider your choice of upholstery and the quality and comfort of your new sofa before you go shopping. Do you prefer modular sofas or are you after a recliner suite? Check the latest trends and don’t be afraid to speak with the store manager about your sofa needs.

Tip 4: Select your fabric
This is one of the most important decisions you will make. The type of upholstery you choose will set the feel for the whole room. The right choice of fabric for your living space will ensure years of comfort and durability so it is best to consider your lifestyle. Do you prefer leather sofas over fabric lounges? Do you have kids and pets using the sofa? Speak to friendly store managers who will assist you with selecting a fabric type and colour. Many stores will include a variety of fabric samples for you to browse through the latest textures, colours and patterns.

Tip 5: Think about how you intend to pay
It’s an odd question isn’t it?  What we mean here is payment choices can greatly change your budget and then your end selection.  With finance becoming an increasingly used payment method, you can spread the cost of your purchase over 24 to 36 months and in some cases 48 months.  With that kind of flexibility, all of a sudden you can go from the great sofa to the dream sofa!  And across 24 months, the difference is barely a cup of coffee a week.  So it is great to consider these options before you select your new sofa.