Creative Ways to Turn Your Home into a Stress-Free Zone


Want to know how to create an inviting, stress-free home without designing a full blown yoga center? Follow our top tips below for a tranquil and Zen abode.

Words: Chloe Smith

Start with the entrance:
The entryway into your home is the one that makes a difference. Start with decluttering this space and you will feel right ‘at home’ from the moment you walk through the front door. If you have children, designate a decorative wooden chest for toys so they can keep the entryway tidy after coming back in from playing outside.

Also, use a shoe cabinet instead of an open rack. Set up two shelves within it for dirty shoes.

You can add more light to this area by using mirrors or add a window where possible.

Alternatively, for a bit of decoration, place a stylish table with a flower vase as a centerpiece or add a single piece of wall art if you lack space.

Be free to move around:
Make your home look spacious, even if it is not so, by leaving enough room between pieces of furniture to move around freely. Use wall shelves rather than standing ones to place all of your little decorative items instead of having them scattered all over.

You should be able to use the furniture without maneuvering too much. While you are making room, do not forget to keep your sitting area close enough to stimulate conversation to make those sitting in it feel as though they are part of a group while utilizing the space for social purposes.ember-ivory-431240-unsplash

Create a quiet zone:
Designate a part of your home or a room to be a quiet, electronics-free zone. A TV, stereo, and a computer are a part of almost every family room. Make an exception and create a family room in which you can zone out, and truly spend time together. Leave the burden of noise, vibrations, and the vast amount of information behind. Instead, have a pleasant chit-chat with the family or with friends. Play a board game and leave the worries behind.

Create a quirky relaxation zone:
Even though, you should set up your home in such way to allow you to relax everywhere, having a certain room set up for just that will help immensely. Find a nice spot for a reading area. Make it comfortable enough for you to want to spend time in it and forget about the world around you. A nice nook or a spot next to a window in a quiet room are good choices. Alternatively, use a window nook and make a daybed for the entire family. You could even make a window sill bench for your cat and relax, while watching your fur baby snooze alongside you.

The great indoors:
Use calming hues to paint your walls, such as warm neutrals or light pink and green. If you want to add color, do it either through matching subtle patterns or bright colors used on accents. Never use both. Depending on your personality type, you can opt for all white and warm it up with wooden elements and plants. Use natural materials and wood to create a rustic look. Add softness through cushions, throws and a thick rug. Use some of the outdoor elements, to go well with your plants. You can even make an indoor garden.

huyen-332276-unsplashAdd greenery:
You can scatter plants throughout your home, or you can plant an entire indoor garden. The plants will help you relax with their color and by filtering the air in your home. If you do not have a green thumb, you can simply plant succulents as they are very low maintenance and are easier to clean.

Today’s lifestyle and workplaces are very stressful for most. Your home is meant to provide comfort and tranquility. Think of what relaxes you and apply that within your home. With image in mind, combine it with the tips above and create a stress-free space.tu-tu-322210-unsplash