The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong by Bronnie Masefau


In Bronnie Masefau’s fifth book, The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong, readers are in for a treat. ‘Home’ is a word that holds much power and this new book takes us on an explorative journey of both ‘self’ and ‘style’.

We each have our interpretation of ‘home’ and layer it with our personal flavour and flair. Bronnie believes our concept of home is most shaped by those who inhabit the space with us. “This is why it is so important that we invest time in establishing this foundation,” says Bronnie. “When we engage in this space, we create a base from which we are able to function as our best selves.”

This year Bronnie celebrates her 25th year in the interior design industry. To acknowledge this milestone, Bronnie has included an ‘all-in, heart-on-her-sleeve’ reflection of her business journey so far. In this personal account, Bronnie openly shares her insights into the design industry, revealing both her wins and the areas in which she hopes to improve as she moves forward. This is valuable information for others in business or those considering making the leap.

The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong is not merely a beautiful book, it is chock full of practical tips and advice. Highlights include:

  • A step-by-step guide to help you discover your true personal style (and avoid ‘fashion’ purchases forever!)
  • Advice on reclaiming the nooks in your home, making your home appear bigger than it actually is
  • Moving tips that will save your sanity
  • Designing for and with teens – and understanding your place in this process
  • Ideas to help build great relationships with your tradespeople
  • How to create a knockout ‘tablescape’

In the business section of the book Bronnie shares her insights on:

  • How to identify your passion
  • Keeping a clear and focused mind
  • Navigating through the unchartered territory of your growing business
  • Finding a great mentor and making the most of this relationship
  • ‘Stinky Thinking’ – what is it, and how to overcome it

The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong can be purchased from the Bronnie Masefau website for $55 (+ postage & handling).