Industry News: Where tradies can win more work in Victoria


The key to generating good profit, is knowing the right place to look.

In what’s being referred to as an opportunity for Victorian tradies to make “Rivers of Gold”, a study by has revealed areas of Melbourne where certain trades are in short supply. This has opened up the chance for tradies in the know to increase their revenue due to higher win rates.

Words: Madeleine Bryant
Photography: Bigstock

The opportunity to jump in and make some money has shed some light on a previous study which showed that the price of hiring a tradie had dropped by 1.6% in Victoria.


The study measures the number of quotes received for a job and identifies areas of low competition across Victoria. The data shows that suburbs with very low competition are seen across most trades throughout Victoria. The lowest rates start with carpenters in Northcote South, showing a whopping 85% reduction compared with the state’s average. Landscapers in South Yarra are down 71% and builders in Albert Park aren’t coming up against much competition at 50% below average.


Landscapers will also do well in Melbourne City whilst plumbers should stick to Windsor and St Kilda. If you’re an electrician it’s best to head to Middle Park and tilers should look to Prahran East.


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