Q&A With Uniqwa Furniture Collections


Uniqwa Furniture is certainly trailblazing the Australian furnishing market, but is also making strides within the global interiors industry. Being a trade supplier of designer furniture which is inspired by nature and ethnic culture, the company prides itself on putting conscious design at the forefront of their thinking. This has resulted in the high demand of Uniqwa sourced pieces which encompass unique design with a difference. I spoke to Charl Van Heerden, director of Uniqwa Furniture to find out more about this beautiful brand.

Words: Catherine Falalis
Photography: Supplied

“Uniqwa is inspired by Nature and ethnic culture with African and Scandinavian influences. Our earthy colours and textures represent the ultimate inspiration that nature is the purest form of art which guide our designs and product choices,” says Van Heerden.

“We aim to supply alternative furniture options which help our customers create sanctuaries in their own home, a space to live in that they identify with on a deep level and ultimately feel comfortable and relaxed in.”

Being eco-friendly, socially and sustainably responsible are also part of Uniqwa’s core attributes.

senzeni-bed-2-lr“We aim to generate results that have positive influences in everything that we do, from the foot print we leave on the environment, to the families that form part of the bigger picture, staff, suppliers, crafts people that we work with, clients and the influence our interaction has on the lives of all these people,” he explains.

“We use recycled timbers and plantation timbers as much as possible and incorporate nature weathered materials, off cuts and renewable resources that are often discarded as part of our design features.”

strand-four-poster-bed-black-lrI first came across Uniqwa at the Australian International Furniture Fair (Décor & Design) and was taken aback by the stunning display they were exhibiting at the show. The pieces were so unique but beautifully styled, and I was curious to find out where their pieces are sourced.

“We work very closely with our suppliers and guide each other in product design but we bring a lot of the quality control influence to the table and it is a mutually beneficial relationship which we feel is a fairly unique relationship between supplier and manufacturer that we nurture on a daily basis to protect,” explains Van Heerden.

“With formal qualifications in Furniture Design we do design in-house as well as collaborate with our factories, always creating and delivering unique products to the market. Although much of the inspiration behind Uniqwa Furniture is inherited from Africa, we manufacture in many parts of this wonderful world including South East Asia, Europe and Africa.”

harper-sofa-4-lrWhile the company would rather remain true to their core values than to focus on trend names, many have described their pieces as being ‘bohemian chic’.

“Fortunately for us, our natural look has become on trend which is certainly helping the phenomenal growth that we are experiencing for which we are entirely grateful for. What we do comes from within and naturally represents who we are as people and we have not changed our furnishing look and inspiration sources since we established Uniqwa Furniture in 2009,” he says.

The brand has gained a lot of attention and support from Australian interior magazines in both the print and digital sphere. Their products have also been featured on the well-known TV Series ‘The Block’ and used in the work of many social media influencers.

hendrix-sofa-lr“We have worked very closely with celebrity Interior Designers such as Darren Palmer on Your Town lottery home projects and we are always excited to work on international resort projects many of which we have done so in holiday destinations such as Fiji and Mauritius.”

Want your own piece of Uniqwa goodness? Uniqwa Furniture has quickly grown to become an International brand and their local and international stockists are listed on their website. Most of their products are specified by interior designers for their client’s projects and the brand find this to be a wonderful way to achieve the look and feel that people desire. By working with a talented interior designer, this helps people to create the kind of home that they will love to live in.

teak-root-coffee-table-bleached-1-lrRegarding upcoming trends over the next twelve months, Van Heerden says that the darker tones are re-emerging as an influence in interiors.

“We will continue to remain true to our look however we will be incorporating these influences naturally. We have already started doing this, such as the ancient Japanese technique of wood burning called Shou Sugi Ban, a preservation method for treating timber from the elements which we have adopted to introduce the black tones rather than staining and painting in some of our product.”

hendrix-sofa-charcoal-2-lr“We are a very passionate brand and we believe our clients work with us because of the unique approach we have to interiors, to our business and to the strong customer service ethos we have and friendships that we have created with our valued clients, partners and industry associates. We love what we do and will continue to work hard at delivering our unique message to the global interiors industry,” he explains.

For more information visit: https://www.uniqwafurniture.com.au/