An Italian history between tradition and innovation


Zambaiti Parati Spa is a leader in the production of high-end wall coverings. Zambaiti’s vision is based on ‘Made in Italy’ values, expressed by technological innovation and Italian creativity. A technological prominence and the ability to create innovation as a factor of success on international markets has allowed Zambaiti Parati to achieve international reputation, and today it can count on a network of distributors in almost all countries of the world, with a prevalent vocation for export and a constant collaboration with the classic distribution channel, consisting of specialized showrooms.

An important step was the opening of a factory in China in 1998 and another one in Russia in 2014, alongside the opening of direct branches in France, Great Britain, and other countries.

Wallpaper in Italy has undergone a radical evolution, moving from building material to a furnishing article. Therefore, as far as production is concerned, Zambaiti Parati, for some years now, has returned to look at Italy with renewed interest. The constant dialogue put in place by the company with architects and interior designers, with an increasingly marked approach to the contract, is part of this dynamic path towards quality and the high end of the market.

We could say that the company has changed a lot working in a different way in order to base its strategy on customization. This is the new story that Zambaiti tells to the market, while reinforcing a series of new relationships. The industrial product behind the success of Zambaiti Parati is an embossed register vinyl made in large volumes, whereas the brand ‘Zambaiti Contract’ – strongly custom-oriented – offers other types of supports, natural, on fabric, and proposes itself as the ideal partner for developing a high-end personalized product. 2

Zambaiti Parati runs a creative product Research & Development department. Alongside people with a long experience gained in the furniture and design sector, the team also boasts young resources with creative talent and great growth potential. Not to forget the issue of licenses and collaborations with external subjects of great relevance at a brand level and of great notoriety on fashion and automotive market. With them, the company carries on an exchange of ideas and concepts for the creation of licensee-products.

Creative ideas are manifold, mainly depending on the outlet markets: for the Russian market, work is mainly done on classic subjects, while the collections destined for Western European markets, where the ‘Zambaiti Parati’ brand is supported by the ‘Murella’ brand, are more close to the taste of European design.

Some collections are born from the exclusive collaboration with important customers. In the contract world, they work in constant dialogue with industry professionals, architects, and designers. Generally speaking, the ‘Zambaiti Parati’ and ‘Murella’ collections are born from the company’s internal proposals.