Ash Living Adds Conscious Luxury to the Home


For most of us, our ethics subconsciously come into play with the decisions we make. Whether it be as simple as getting up for an elderly person on the train or to stop eating meat. We’re all becoming more aware of the effects of our actions, from what we buy, to what we eat and wear. For Australian brand Ash Living, ethical living begins at home.

Words: Kalli Zerveas
Photography: Supplied

Ash Living encourages people to make moral choices for their homes and lifestyles. Founder Olivia Breed finds ways to intertwine stylish and sustainable products whilst also proving ethically and environmentally beneficial. Olivia shares, “I was inspired to create Ash Living to start making real quality more accessible in interior decorating – allowing people to easily purchase ethically sourced, yet luxe and stylish décor”. Each and every product is beneficial in different ways, from providing income for communities in developing countries to using sustainable resources and reducing waste. Their products range from supporting Australian made to being handmade, curated for their beauty, quality and ethical credentials.


Traditional techniques and renewable materials are used by artisans when it comes to the delicate handmade pieces. Products are carefully sources from all over the world. From a local cooperative in Rwanda weaving baskets, to villagers in Cambodia hand-looming towels. Ash Living even sources from Australian small businesses, finding local creators on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, producing intricate soaps, cushions and ceramics. For Ash Living, Olivia Breed asserts the mission is to “put an end to exploitative labour and environmental mismanagement that often comes with mass production”.


Instead of looking to buy from mass-producers, Ash Living is creating eco-conscious, sustainable and luxurious products at our fingertips.