Broadcast-worthy bathware


The inspiration
Arguably the best ideas happen in the shower. Those few minutes in the day when you are relaxed, free from modern day pressures and able to let the mind wander or belt out your best vocal performance.

Reminiscent of Vintage Art Deco microphones used by some of the world’s most iconic eccentric performers of the 20th century, the Eccentric by Rogerseller shower collection incorporates distinct elongated perforations that are synonymous with the microphones of the time, in a contemporary and elegant manner that may even inspire your own creativity.screenshot_4

The product
Designed by Rogerseller and made in Australia from quality machined solid brass and stainless steel, the showers are engineered to stand the test of time, like true eccentric icons; unlike many showers on the market made in plastic with superfluous features.

The proprietary Quad Spray pattern has been carefully engineered to deliver a generous yet soft downpour whilst respecting moderate water consumption, with its restricted 9 litre per minute flow rate.screenshot_3

An extension of the award-winning Eccentric by Rogerseller tapware and accessory ranges, the showers incorporate the distinct circular design and solid, superior feel. The range includes a hand shower on rail, hand shower on integrated wall union, dual rail shower and shower rose that can be paired with a matching ceiling or wall arm, all available in Rogerseller’s Natural Elements finishes.