Contemporary Office Space: How to Properly Furnish It


A modern office space is much more than just a big room where people spend half their day typing away at their desks, waiting for the clock to run out. Quite the contrary, a contemporary office is a living, breathing entity that serves many a purpose. Aside from being an inspiring setting for your team members, your office is also one of your company’s main selling points – a true image of your brand that your clients and the rest of the world should fall in love with.

To anyone who steps into your office, your office should project an image of warmth, enthusiasm, positivity, and unparalleled professionalism and productivity. With that in mind, here are the five ways to properly decorate a contemporary office.

Words: Lillian Connors

Weave the brand into the setting
Firstly, the office should be a reflection of your brand – its unique identity and tone of voice, its personality and the set of values it stands for. Your employees need to feel like a part of a family here, and you can only unite them and incentivize them to achieve a mutual goal if you weave your brand’s values into their work environment.03

Consider your unique company culture and the visuals that make you stand out from the competition. Figure out ways to subtly bring these stimuli into the office through imagery, colours, furniture, and layout. You can also use accent decor in key areas that bear no functional value but add aesthetic appeal to the room, such as branded wall art or inspirational quotes.

Allow every department to thrive
The next consideration has to do with the unique day-to-day requirements of every department in your company. There is rarely an opportunity to bring all departments together in a single room because each will have specific needs when it comes to layout and furniture – each will thrive in its own ecosystem.04

To help every department reach its full potential, ask your team members what the essential requirements are for their day-to-day operations. For instance, your development team might require an intimate space devoid of noise or distractions, but your creative marketers might want to work in a bustling setting where they can exchange ideas and communicate freely.

Opt for a seamless, clutter-free look
The modern office space has no room for clutter. Too often will you see office materials, equipment, documents, and contracts sitting on desks, shelves, and just lying about everywhere waiting to be picked up and stored in their rightful place (which never happens, by the way).

You need to put emphasis on modern office storage solutions and integrate them into your office space seamlessly in order to minimise clutter, raise productivity, and preserve a positive, thriving workplace. Not to mention the importance of storing all of your equipment and documentation in a safe place where it can’t get lost, but can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.02

Imbue with comfort and functionality
Comfort is a major element of a productive office in the 21st century. The furniture you choose should serve a distinct purpose according to the occasion. In the main work area, focus on ergonomic chairs and standing desks that will help your employees maintain proper posture throughout the day and thus retain mental clarity. The same goes for your conference rooms and the reception area.

On the other hand, the utility rooms around the office should enjoy a more laid-back design, and inspire people to relax, unwind, and regain their positivity and zeal. With that in mind, you can introduce comfy sofas or lazy bags in the common areas, and complement the comfy vibe with colourful pillows and throws. Aim to create a comfortable work environment that will help your employees retain their health and vigour.

The modern office space is vastly different than the traditional offices of the 20th century. The modern workforce wants and needs to work in a place that nurtures their physical and psychological well-being. Moreover, your office should help you portray a positive brand image to outside world, and help you attract long-term clients to your doorstep.