DENFAIR Reveals Didier’s – the ‘Cappala’


DENFAIR 2017 saw a collection of prominent Australian and international designers come together in a celebration of talent and originality. Last month’s three-day event delivered the ultimate industry experience, which showcased over 350 local and international designers and brands and saw over 8000 people in attendance. Amongst an array of industry favourites like design-house Cult and designer Adam Goodrum, DENFAIR unveiled Ross Didier’s latest collection – the ‘Cappala’.


Ross Didier of Didier Studios is an Australian trend-setter. The designer’s awe-inspiring list of clientele spans from Hewlett Packard and the Australian Defence Force to Microsoft and Google. Didier’s products have been impressively celebrated at New York’s Times Square and the Sydney Opera House.


Didier’s unveiling of his latest collection, the Cappala last month showcased that his products go beyond functionality, and into a certain affinity. Didier is not just a revered artist, but a story teller. The latest collection is born from the ‘Bombala‘ range which brought the indoors outdoors, his most recent venture is bringing the outdoor indoors.


Transpiring to create furniture people can connect with, Didier Studio creates products that bring a special meaning and character to a space. Didier suggests ‘most Cappalas form such a close relationship with their owners it becomes a lifelong bond’. Didier compares his products to the likes of a household pet, demanding attention and rousing devotion.



The renowned outdoor Bombala range ‘has been domesticated and clothed in couture’ in Didier Studio’s latest collection. The Cappala seemed to be the buzz around DENFAIR, ‘seeking adoption from homelands across the world’. The collection has been developed as ‘a domesticated subspecies’ of the Bombala, with ‘pedigree characteristics with any variety of coat colours, patterns, lengths and textures’. Didier’s collection came to life at DENFAIR, the seating and tables designed with utilarian luxury, expressing unique personality for interior spaces.

The Cappala range has been fabricated with high quality stainless steel and finely tailored in a wide selection of fabrics and leathers. The range includes solid top tables, chairs, armchairs, stools, lounge chairs and the introduction of wingback seating.