Globewest 2020 Collection


Australian furniture brand GlobeWest introduces Collections 2020, including 28 brand new ranges.

Overarching design and product development influences include a desire for human connection, the wonders of nature and the increasing need for stillness and balance.

“Striking round and oval forms invite connectivity, promoting face-to-face conversation”, explains GlobeWest Design Manager Keti Lytras.

“Natural elements continue their importance, bringing a sense of familiarity whilst a muted colour palette celebrates our varied landscape in a harmonious, very liveable way. Terracotta and rouge hues, golden highlights, soft beiges, cobalt blue, matte blacks, greens, and chocolate browns also feature,“ she continues.

“Double pillowing and ultra-soft materials summon relaxation whilst cocoon-like forms bring a sense of embrace. Sculptural silhouettes in bold, coloured marble ground spaces, making a minimalist statement,” concludes Lytras.

6 progressive design directions created by the Melbourne-based design team led the collections’ product development and speak to the brands’ signature design diversity proposition:

Modern Mediterranean
New Country
Fluid Minimalism
Decadent Sanctuary
Island Getaway
Earthy Eclectic

The inspirations, silhouettes, textures, colours and materials within each direction reveal a refreshing take on interiors into the future.


Modern Mediterranean
For a Mediterranean twist, pair sculptural form, playful pattern and vibrant colour.

The mix of traditional craftsmanship and finishes with new shapes and colours bring a sense of joy and hope.  Terrazzo, twisted cord, rattan and travertine combine in splendour whilst cobalt blue, soft yellow and terracotta hues add a playful twist to velvets, linens and more.

Key Collections: With linear detail and exposed dovetail joins the Jagger collection celebrates craftsmanship. Barcelona’s glazed tile table tops in blue and ochre draw inspiration from time-honoured Spanish living.

Key Products: Jagger buffet, Bondi Nest side tables, Ossa dining tables, Theodore Moon occasional chair, Marina Slouch occasional chair, Humphrey Tia 3 seater sofa and Elle oval coffee table.

Design Direction 2: New Country
Evoke the serenity and warmth of country life, immersed in natural beauty.

Warm timber, blackened finishes and grey shades move Japanese and Scandinavian simplicity to a more countrified sense of styling. Refined heritage detailing begins to emerge. Tweeds, leather, natural wood grains, and landscape inspired hues bring nature home.

Key Collections: Maxwell’s inset panelling balanced with matte Carrara marble creates a timeless appeal. Tully’s open and rounded linear rod silhouette bring warmth and lightness.

Key Products: Felix Isla sofa, Adeline Curve Occasional Chair, Tully round dining table, Avery Geo bedhead, Tansy dining chair and Maxwell buffet.


Design Direction 3: Fluid Minimalism
Find tranquillity and wonder juxtaposing fluid curves with monolithic forms.

Pared-back spaces showcase the beauty of bold forms and natural materials. A restrained colour palette sees warmer neutrals emerge with matte black and maroon peppering the space. Textured weaves, distinctive coloured marble, contours and curves excite the eye yet sooth the mind.

Key Collections: Elle introduces new statement coffee and side tables in brutalist forms of polished rouge, black green and desert marble. Adding intrigue to further existing favourites, Benjamin now features ripple detailing in case-goods with interchangeable buttons of soft gold, white marble and black metal.

Key Products: Elle Block Angled coffee table, Amara Pipe Mirror coffee table, Benjamin Ripple dining table, Bogart Arc 2 seater sofa, Paddy occasional chair and Nixon dining chair.


Design Direction 4: Decadent Sanctuary
Indulge in the embrace of decadent glamour.

Restrained glamourous elements are key, either within their own silhouettes or within the environment they inhabit. Rounded forms and a mix of finishes create a sanctuary of luxury. Textures are unexpected with mirrored glass, darker woods, brass tipped legs, boucle, velvet and jacquard fabrics, rich and bold, yet feminine. Colours reflect sophisticated warmth, creams, olives, toffee and warm antique brass.

Key Collections: Theodore creates a sense of effortless decadence with curved contours, boucle fabric and folded detailing. Embrace cosy elegance with new upholstery additions to Kennedy, featuring wrapped comfort with stitched panel detail, round forms and swivel bases in occasional chairs.

Key Products: Elle Block Angled coffee table, Amelie Arc console, Theodore Curve 4 seater sofa, Sarah dining chair, Kennedy Globe occasional chair and Kennedy Swivel small ottoman.


Design Direction 5: Island Getaway
To ignite a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenate the soul, bring an island connection home.

Pared-back, unobtrusive beauty and organic textures sit side by side to create a feeling of serenity. Exuding natural textures and unapologetic bold forms, profiles are grounded with sculptural elements and brutalist shaping. Natures colours of ecru, sand and natural oak ignite a sense of calm and wellbeing in the home.

Key Collections: Conrad’s natural finishes and low seating speak of a laid back, simpler life, with neutral coloured Belgian linen upholstery softening the hard edges of the wooden bases. Cushioning is pillowed and layered for extra comfort and lengthy moments of quiet reflection in new sofa additions to Orlando.

Key Products: Orlando Cloud 3 seater sofa, Merricks Oval coffee table, Conrad Organic dining table, Conrad Gallery sofa chair, Hampton’s armchair and Shelter Echo buffet.


Design Direction 6: Earthy Eclectic
Explore an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones.

Desert shades of terracotta and mustard create a bohemian space filled with warmth. Geometric form and pattern are mixed to delight the senses and imbue a feeling of tribal travels. Layering these warm colours alongside natural rattan and textures of rich velvet inspires earthy individuality and a sense of surprise.

Key Collections: The lovingly handcrafted collection Taj sees the addition of striking new colourways of cobalt, desert, mud and marigold in intricate bone inlay pattern across side tables, buffets and bed heads. Much-loved Avery introduces palm-inspired rattan screening, geometric bed heads, rattan barstools and a rocking chair

Key Products: Felix Fold 3 seater sofa, Avery Palm screen, Taj Chevron buffet, Kai Rope 2 seater sofa, Kennedy Odette occasional chair and Taj Zulu side table.