8 Easy Tricks to Give Your Home an Industrial Flair


Featuring an atmosphere of rugged beauty, the industrial interior style can certainly bring a sense of authenticity to your home. This style embraces raw materials, the unique industrial vibe of old warehouses and an enticing sense of simplicity, which can transform your home into a truly chic, somewhat artsy hub. What’s even more appealing about the industrial style is the ease and affordability of its implementation, bringing a world of inspiration and creative ideas.

Words: Chloe Taylor

Choose the open floor layout
One of the most distinctive features of the industrial style is the open, airy space unobstructed by walls. In other words, you should implement the open floor layout in your home that will resemble the space of old industrial warehouses and factories. If your space has a high ceiling, it will capture the industrial spirit perfectly. Therefore, you should consider tearing down a wall or two or simply free your space from clutter to create a more open, spacious atmosphere.

Go with wood all the way
As one of the most important materials of the industrial style, wood should be implemented throughout your home. You can invest in beautiful hardwood floors that will boost the value of your home while also decorating it the industrial way. You can also use it for your furniture and other elements in your home. The best and most affordable option is to go with weathered and salvaged wood that will not only embellish your home, but also give it a beautiful aged patina. photo-3

Don’t hide the raw features
If your home features exposed pipework, mechanical installations and ducts, you should definitely leave them exposed and proudly displayed. These features are common in factories and industrial buildings, so they’ll bring you one step closer to the industrial design. The same goes for other unfinished details, including bare walls, beams and columns. These details will give your home a rough, yet beautiful look. However, if your home doesn’t have such features, you can easily recreate the industrial vibe. For instance, you can use textured architectural glass or frosted films on your windows that will provide you with privacy while leaving the windows bare.

Light it up in the industrial spirit
Industrial-style lighting is one of the key components that will give your home edgy, rough appeal. However, for achieving the desired effect, you need to carefully plan your lighting. In addition, keep in mind that some countries like Australia have strict regulations against unlicensed electrical work. A professional electrician specialises in a range of electricity-related projects in adherence to the electrical codes and regulations. Therefore, you should consult with and hire an expert who can do the job properly and suggest appropriate lighting solutions for your home.
As for the very style of your lighting fixtures, you should use pendants with exposed bulbs and wiring, and other solutions with Edison-style bulbs. Other retro fixtures and those in metal cages are also appropriate for an industrial setting.photo-6

Paint your home rustically
Another simple step that will bring you closer to the industrial style is the right colour palette. Not only will it capture the appeal of industrial warehouses, but it will also set up the right base that will allow other elements to stand out. Some of the dominant hues of the industrial design include brick red, different shades of grey, wood-inspired tones, beige, brown and burnt orange. This particular colour scheme is somewhat neutral, so it will also allow you to introduce pops of other equally authentic colours. Deep green, weathered blue, muted teal and others can be used for accent details and décor statement, creating visual interest in your industrial home.

Make your furniture simple and practical
When it comes to industrial homes, they typically feature simple furniture without any unnecessary ornamentations. Furniture pieces are also highly practical, often hiding storage compartment or doing double duty. Industrial furniture is made of weathered wood or raw metal juxtaposed with other stylish textures. Every now and then, you can implement a bold furniture piece that will stand out in a subtle industrial setting.photo-4

Discover the charms of the repurposed
The industrial style doesn’t discriminate between the old and the new, so don’t hesitate to use vintage pieces in your industrial home. In fact, a great number of industrial homes feature repurposed objects and furniture that contribute to their atmosphere of authenticity. Whether you use old suitcases as your nightstands or you discover an old factory piece and turn it into your new statement coffee table, these elements will truly create a “wow” effect in your home.

Create a play of texture
When it comes to different textures in an industrial home, the more, the merrier. From concrete flooring and exposed brick walls to leather upholstery, metal furnishings and wooden decorations, there are plenty of ways to create a striking contrast using various enticing textures in your home.photo-1

With these simple ideas, you’ll create a home with a true industrial vibe and an atmosphere of rugged beauty.