The guide to the ultimate home office with Vault Interiors


Home offices or study spaces are quickly becoming an essential space in a home. Whether you work from home or need your own office space, a home office is a great way to embrace flexible working or studying. Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson, shares her step-by-step guide to the ultimate home office to increase the value of your home and differentiate it from the market.

Justine says, “A home office should flow and keep in the same essence of other parts of your home. If you don’t already have one, we suggest you see where one can fit in to increase your property value. As workspaces are increasingly going digital, a home office is a 2017/18 vendors essential. If your home office needs updating, these tips can help refresh and revitalise the space by adding lush greenery and de-cluttering the space.”

vault-interiors-study-spaceJustine’s top tips include:

1.Plan to plan
Home offices need to be planned just like the rest of your home. If you don’t already have one look for dead spaces in the home, old bedrooms or sunrooms are a great space to start. A separate zone from other areas of the home is ideal, it removes distractions to maintain concentration. If you’re short on space, consider making it a multifunctional guest room by adding a fold out sofa bed.

2.Clear the air
Clear out the area first. A clear space is a clear mind, which is exactly what you want your office or the office you’re selling to be. Invest in functional furniture for storage; flat pack furniture is great because you can customise the design for a more tailored, designer look. Use the furniture to hide cords and printers – it’ll maximise space and keep the office organised and de-cluttered.

vault-interiors-412_83-dalmeny-rosebery23.Style away
The style is very much up to you; if this is your own workspace it should reflect your taste. Consider an ergonomic desk chair for comfort and style that can be adjustable for potential vendors. In terms of colour palette, neutral bases are a great place to start, then layer and texture with accent colours. Accent colours can be chopped and changed depending on your mood – just swap the rug, cushions or artwork and a totally new space will emerge.

4.It’s in the details
It’s the little details that will breathe life into your office. Introduce plant life, it not only looks green and lush, it can add fragrance and improve air quality. Adding personalised stationary can also solidify the workspace as yours – notebooks and pencils are a beautiful touch. A large pin board can be used for concept images, notes and as ever-changing artwork to suit your current style and theme of your office.

screenshot_15.Light it up
Lighting is key, so good task lighting is essential. Consider placing the desk under the window, the natural light and bright outlook will make sitting at a desk less arduous. If this isn’t possible add mirrors and desk lights, try and stick with natural coloured globes to avoid bright light headaches.