The eye-catching Iro pendant from ISM Objects


The eye-catching Iro pendant light from ISM Objects rotates on a single axis to cast a beam of light in any desired direction. Designed by German duo Zinke / Carpenter, it is manufactured in Australia as part of the successful ISM Sparks mentoring program.

Melbourne-based ISM Objects was founded by Celina Clarke and Simon Christopher who discovered a shared passion for unique lighting while studying industrial design together. With a commitment to local craftsmanship and outstanding design, ISM Objects has been a respected leader in lighting design for more than 25 years.

Designers Christian Zinke and Robin Carpenter met during their studies at the University of the Arts Berlin and founded their design studio Zinke/Carpenter in 2004. The Iro pendant was their first design to be shown in an international fair. Since then, they have worked with clients such as Bugatti and Atari and continue to create inspiring designs both individually and as a team.screenshot_6

Conceptually, Iro is an ‘eye’ that rotates. The pendant was at concept stage when it captured the attention of ISM Objects at the Salon Satellite exhibition at Milan Design Fair in 2005.

ISM Objects began collaborating with Zinke /Carpenter as part of its ISM Sparks mentoring program, which was formed in 2005 to foster emerging talent in lighting design. ISM Objects licenced the Iro pendant design and began manufacturing in Australia, exclusively for Sparks.

Crafted from slip cast ceramic with an elegant, tactile finish, the Iro pendant features a single slot at the top to ensure the direction of light remains set in the desired direction until repositioned.

The Iro Pendant is a testament to ISM Object’s commitment to collaboration and is sure to catch the eye.screenshot_5