Rakumba x Studio Truly Truly new product release


Rakumba has announced the release of a new create-your-own floor lamp by Studio Truly Truly, extending the mix and match Typography decorative lighting system.

Drawing from the TYPOGRAPHY CILON lighting collection, the new floor lamp offers an unprecedented opportunity to create endless expressions in a portable luminaire.

Typography floor lamp offers the same flexibility in composition and characters as the Typography Cilon lighting system. Hinged on Rakumba’s patent-pending rail system, each luminaire can be adjusted and dimmed individually with the biggest decision being – which of the seven lights to select and how to combine them.

Each light can be positioned anywhere along the stand and on any of four locations around the central axis. And over time, lights can be moved to new positions, or new lights can be added. The design possibilities are almost limitless. Wireless dimming enables balanced illumination effects to complete this luxurious high performance lamp.

“We’re particularly excited to release a totally new concept in floor lamps. Design enthusiasts can make their own selection of lights and attach them in any combination and in any position they desire. Expanding Typography with the new floor lamp makes the system available for a plethora of new applications because it doesn’t need to be installed by an electrician,” said Michael Murray, Rakumba’s director.

The floor lamp base is available in two heights, in golden and black anodised finishes.

Available now www.rakumba.com/lights

Melbourne-based Rakumba is proud to be Australia’s oldest International lighting brand. Rakumba’s strength is drawn from delivering ‘effortless complexity’ through combining contemporary design, artisan craft, complex manufacturing and leading edge technology. In 2018, the company celebrated its 50th Anniversary of making beauty.

Rotterdam-based Studio Truly Truly was founded by Australian designers Joel & Kate Booy. Positioned on the interface between industry and art, the studio specialises in creating artistic products for the living environment.