Resident’s Latest Collection Expected to Impress


New Zealand’s burgeoning design house Resident is launching its much anticipated collection at Milan’s Euroluce Exhibition in April. The alluring selection represents Resident’s ongoing commitment to world leading design, bold materiality and exceptional fabrication.

Words: Kalli Zerveas

The latest collection entitled ‘Dark Matter’ features collaborations with distinguished London based designers Phillipe Malouin and Tim Rundle. The impressive Circus Lights, intricate Bloom Pendant and versatile Off Set Coffee Table and Stool/Side Table are designed to combine functionality with style.


The impressive Circus Lights by Resident Studio radiates individuality. The system of interconnected brass rings can be arranged to create a striking vertical adornment ideal for commercial or residential spaces.

The innovative plug and play system welcomes variation, allowing for power sharing between rings. The elegantly diffused LED light casts in an outward 360 degree radius exuding a theatrical yet flexible look for those seeking the extraordinary.

From the stunningly understated Circus Lights to Tim Rundle’s cultivated beauty, ‘Bloom Pendant’ is a striking reminder of the gentle dynamic flow and transparency of paper lanterns, transformed to exude elegance.

The intricate mesh core and frosted blown glass combine to project a soft focus texture and an unobstructed pool of light projected downwards, its glorious effect the result of transparency and light.

Completing the collection is Phillipe Malouin’s modest ‘Offset Coffee Table’ and ‘Stool/Side Table.’ The London based designer presents a versatile screw together furniture piece assured to revamp all spaces.


The versatile piece has tri functionality, acting as a coffee table, stool or side table. The generous solid oak piece oozes modern simplicity, each leg attaching to the top by way of an off-centre threaded connecter to rest in an individualistic position.

Exhibiting at EuroLuce from April 4th to 9th, Resident will be displaying their latest collection at Hall 15.