This Season’s Ultimate Colour Trends


It’s not too often we think about colour, and I mean really think about it. Forget the unending blue abyss of the sea, or the piercing crimson of a sunset, but the tones and hues of the curtains, rugs and wallpapers surrounding us everyday. There is an undeniable and compelling relationship between colours and the effect they have on mood and feelings.

Words: Kalli Zerveas

Multiple studies have found examples where colours can, and do, impact our brains. Colours like yellow have the ability to spark hunger whilst blue acts as a suppressant. Red can increase blood pressure whilst green can lower it. The undeniable relationship we share with colour plays a vital role in swaying thought, changing actions and causing reactions. Home aesthetic is evidently the foundation to well-being, and Warwick Fabrics share their advice on keeping a happy and chic home.

As winter has arrived, so have the frigid evenings and somber days. Warwick Fabrics are tackling the winter blues and enhancing happiness by sharing the ultimate colours to boost comfort. The focus this season explores earthy tones inspired by nature with  colour schemes that offer a sense of warmth and luxury.

Brick, Caramel and Jade are top picks for this season, redefined to offer a modern aesthetic sure to spice up any colour palette.


Brick oozes rich reds and warm orange tones, Warwick Fabrics assures its experience is like something found in the winding alleyways of an aromatic spice market. The palette explores Terracotta, Rust and Marsala creating visual  warmth, perfect for contemporary interiors seeking a naturally inviting aesthetic.

Offering depth and character, the spicy hue makes a striking impact on feature walls, furniture, bedheads and drapes. Warwick Fabrics asserts it’s the perfect accent with the use of textured cushions and rugs. For the minimalist, Brick in combination with classic colours such as deep green or navy creates a traditional setting. For the daring, mixing and matching Terracotta tones with the earthy textural colours of wood or brass achieves style timeless and refined. For a modern vibe, Warwick Fabrics advises a combination of rich shades of Rust with complimentary in-vogue colours such as beetroot, blush and bold coral.

Inspiration images sourced from: Jotun, The Techno-Impressionist Journal, Dulux

Warwick Fabrics featured (L-R): Dissolve Chili, Teepee Sunset, Coco Calypso, Abbotsford Terracotta, Ribbon Sunset, Enigma Rust, Entice Brick, Camira Tandoori


The luxurious and alluring combination of caramel and chocolate is an indulgent and sophisticated ode to all sweet tooth’s. Offering a multitude of warm caramel hues, Warwick Fabrics turns a traditional colour into style and elegance.

To create a bold and a refreshing perspective, Warwick Fabrics suggests pairing buttery shades of caramel with deep shades of Navy and Forest Green. Textures like velvet and fur work well to create an opulent feel whilst the lush leafy green of houseplants act as a sense of balance and contrast. For the ultimate style statement, the style-house says brass, wood and stone will create a natural, earthy and ambient aesthetic. Caramel particularly astounds with modern sofa’s and classic chair’s, enhancing effortless style and sophistication.

Inspiration images sourced from: Nid a Deux, By Thornam, Archiproducts

Warwick Fabrics Featured (L-R): Entice Lute, Lustrell Charisma Camel, Keylargo Honey, Teepee Ochre, Mendoza Old Gold, Streamer Fall, Coco Fall, Circus Ochre


An earthy softness encouraging spirituality and serenity, Jade is a refreshingly soothing palette for rooms craving tranquility. Textured bedheads, tailored sofa’s and accent chair’s add a sense of relaxtion in combination with cultured style. Adding a pop of Coral provides a bright and playful contrast. Warwick Fabrics commends the cool colour with soft undertones pairs wonderfully with classic neutrals and wooden accents creating interior design elegance.

Inspiration images sourced from: Livingly, Terzo Piano, Ordinary Moments
Inspiration images sourced from: Livingly, Terzo Piano, Ordinary Moments

Warwick Fabrics Featured (L-R): Bristol Jade, Mystere Spruce, Camira Pine, Solo Herb, Daintree Forest, Sybill Turquoise, Sylvan Barley, Maharaja Emerald