Interior Design Colour Trends: Light, Dark and Everything in Between


Now that 2018 is well and truly here, it is time to discuss new colour trends that will define the months ahead. Interior design enthusiasts are going to be happy to hear that this year is all about bold colours and edgy hues. So, here are some ideas to take as inspiration for your home makeover project.

Words: Catherine Palmer

Soft pastels
Get ready for the new minimalist colour palette! This year soft, washed pastels (sandy pinks and mint greens) are going to dominate in modern interiors. Replace all black and white minimalism with a gentle touch of pastel shades and create a cozy, harmonious interior.

image-2Soft, washed neutrals, pastel greens and sanctuary pinks are perfect for houses and apartments with lots of natural light. Adding cozy details such as knitted throws and fluffy rugs in these shades will put an accent on feeling cozy and comfy inside your home.

Dusty rose pink
Another great choice is a dusty rose, a shade of pink that will make any interior chic and add a touch of romance to every room. You can paint your walls in this pastel, barely-there colour to add a sophisticated blush to your interior or you can intertwine it in your home through decorative accents. This lovely colour goes great with cream woods and ivory whites and you can never use too much of it!

image-3Pantone Ultra Violet
This dramatically provocative and thoughtful cosmic shade will create a perfectly moody atmosphere in your home and add a touch of romance. Throughout the history, different shades of purple were connected with royalty, luxury, and glamour. Introduce this wonderful and magical shade into your home by choosing a purple velvet sofa for your living room in contrast to dark wooden floors and furniture. Decorate with colourful flower bouquets and make a charmingly trendy, romantic interior that will make you fall in love with your home.

image-7Yves Klein blue YKB
This distinctive shade of blue was registered by Klein as a trademark colour in 1957. Interior designers and painting experts all over the world find inspiration in this unique colour, and it became an interior classic, so don’t hesitate and add a splash of art history to your own home. You can introduce this artist’s self-made shade through decorative accents, or you can put an accent on a wall in your living room area and make it a focal point of the room.

image-8In the moment blue
This inspired by nature shade of blue will add a soothing vibe to your home. This comfortable colour is a combination of blue, grey and green, and it evokes a sense of relaxation. It is perfect for creating a sanctuary in your home, a place where you can escape from a busy lifestyle. It is all about tranquillity and peacefulness, about taking a break and being present – being in the moment.

This cool, spruce In the moment blue will help you create a mindful space with a coastal vibe and adding just a few decorative pieces (made of natural materials) will make your comfy home a wonderful oasis inspired by nature.

Golden yellow
Painting your walls in sunny goldenrod yellow shades will make every interior appear cheerful even if there is not enough natural light in a room. A yellow room will inspire your playfulness and boost your energy levels. In combination with a white, cream or natural woods it will brighten up your home and adding whimsical accents and little pops of blue such as YKB will emphasize the yellow and make it stand out.

image-9Earth tones
Rich earth tones are great for interiors with a lot of natural light. Adding a shadowy umber shade of brown – charcoal brown will make your interior sophisticated and it will strengthen your connection to nature.

image-10Pair it with green accents and add a lot of leafy houseplants to complete the nature-inspired look. Create a room that will inspire you to relax and bring the nature inside your home. You can experiment and combine earth tones with rustic meets vintage dark wood furniture and create a unique and eccentric interior in your home.

Black is always the new black
Choose the black colour as a statement! This trend of all-black rooms is the hottest trend for 2018. Black compliments nearly any colour palette and it is a perfect way to add drama to your space. Play with materials, leather, dark wood, wool and make a contrast with a colourful Persian carpet. Decorate with brass candleholders and vintage brass vases to make the black stand out even more. It’s bold, its alternative and it will show off your edginess!

image-11Introducing these colour trends in your interior in any way (either in details or in repainting walls and replacing furniture pieces) will make your home a trendy place that will perfectly depict your character. Let your imagination run wild and express your sense of style.