‘50 Things to Do after Lockdown’ Print Released


A new poster launched today by quirky gifts retailer Yellow Octopus compiles the ultimate list of activities to do when Coronavirus restrictions are finally eased.

As Australians begin the process of readjusting back into the real world, long bucket lists are being written. Months of pent up frustration is being itemised in numbered lists across the country. What are we going to do once lockdown is lifted?

It has been so long in fact, people may have even forgotten what to do with themselves.

#1 “Return the 673 rolls of toilet paper you have left over.”

1#2 “Lose 27kg at your local gym”

Hand drawn in Melbourne, this art print serves as a microcosm of post-Covid life in the land downunder. It’s intricate, colourful and speaks a shared language of the pandemic. It represents freedom, a feeling we all used to take for granted. It is a memento of a time in our lives we will all never forget.

Whilst some of the activities are serious, some are tinged with a little bit of good old tongue-in-cheek.

Designed and printed in Melbourne on high quality stock, this limited edition A2 poster has the potential to become a collector’s item with time.

Available now at YellowOctopus.Com.Au