Eco-friendly and Australian – the Alex Earl philosophy


Esteemed designer Alex Earl, has over ten years of experience in the industry, adopting the philosophy of designing, planning and building his pieces from his workshop. Alex Earl crafts and creates engrossing lighting, furniture, sound systems and objects for both intimate spaces and large scale commercial projects.

Furnishing International had the chance to pick the Melbourne based designer’s brain, giving an insight into his beautifully individual creations.

Words: Kalli Zerveas
Photography: Supplied


Earl credits his success to his team but also to his country Australian up-bringing, drawing inspiration from the natural environment and its many forms. Drawing influential from his parents, Earl immersed himself in his mother’s ceramic workshop from the age of 7.

“My biggest inspiration is often the people around me and the passion and skills they have,” reflects Earl.


From quiet beginnings to bustling streets of Melbourne, Earl carries his connection with nature. Reflected in the creation of his work is the recurring importance of being eco-friendly. All finishes are low VOC and respectful to the environment, down to the smallest of details.

Furthermore, the workshop electricity is bought from renewable energy sources and the timber used is respectful to the environment. The few materials that are imported are carbon positive. This not only translates into using renewable resources but also ensuring the materials are sustainable.

Earl explains that it’s important for him to create pieces that are timeless – that are not only loved but can be handed down for generations. “There’s something about a love of nature and working in a way that showcases it, but in doing so also protects it,” he says.


The Alex Earl philosophy encompasses designing, planning and building everything from their workshop. Every Alex Earl product is made to order and more importantly, made in Melbourne. Buying an Alex Earl piece provides the customer with an opportunity to support a vibrant and diverse local arts community. Earl uses Australian made materials whenever possible, using the best materials, tools and components that can be sourced.

 If we have a choice between two items of equal value – we’ll always choose local

alex-earl-horns-telegon-poncho Alex Earl designs are truly one of a kind, his stand out piece being the ‘Sound System One.’ A four year odyssey following and expanding theories of natural mathematics (Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean), resulted in the creation of high-efficiency sound horns integrated with state of the art technology.

“We’ve worked with a whole lot of local people with different expertise – from industry expert sound engineers such as Hans Verkerk and amplifier designer Jereme Clingan,” says Earl.


Alex Earl will be releasing new sculptural lighting and sound pieces at the Denfair Furniture & Design trade show. He is also currently working on a project with Black Line One architecture and the dementia foundation – creating sound installations to raise awareness about the growing social issues presented by dementia.

For more information visit  or head over to social media @alex_earl_made.