Armadillo & Co Launches New Custom Colour Program – available exclusively to Trade


Understanding that not all rooms are created equal and that sometimes a space calls for a tailor-made approach, Armadillo & Co’s new custom colour program offers a vibrant palette of nature-inspired hues, accompanied by a highly personalised customisation service for a myriad of design possibilities. screenshot_7The curation of 36 colourways within the Agra Collection of pure wool hand-knotted rugs, envelope Mother Nature’s stunning bouquet – from earthy neutrals to verdant greens and effervescent blues, dusty greys to blooming pinks and show-stopping yellows with textural intricacies that lay a captivating foundation for classic and contemporary interiors alike. Each rug is made by hand, resulting in a truly unique product with an heirloom appeal that promises to wear beautifully over time.screenshot_5

As part of the consultation process, fabric swatches, paint chips and material samples for the specified project can be shared to ensure the right colour is matched in order to bring the design finish to life. Rugs can be made to order in the exact size and shape required to perfectly fit any room, whilst also having the option to choose the preferred finish – turnover, hand-binding, tassels or no tassels. As all rugs are completely handcrafted, a custom piece takes between 14 to 16 weeks to create.screenshot_6