Artedomus’ Porcelain Panels changing the face of architectural surfaces


Artedomus’ Porcelain Panels are changing the face of architectural surfaces. The extra-large, fine-profile, lightweight panels have exceptional strength, durability and resistance, offering a beautiful and practical surface.

Artedomus pioneered the revolutionary Porcelain Panels, after identifying the potential of pressed porcelain in 2013. Using innovative, Italian-designed technology, the pressed porcelain is made from all-natural ingredients – clay, sand and quartz – that are heated and mixed into large-format panels of unparalleled size (up to 3000-by-1500 millimetres). The physical strength of the pressed porcelain panels enables them to be produced with a fine profile (6, 9 and 12 millimetres) – thinner than most traditional benchtops.screenshot_4

The strength of the panels also enhances their superior performance. Porcelain Panels resist staining and etching and are completely UV stable, making them suitable for interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial projects.

The Artedomus range of Porcelain Panels includes the revolutionary MAXIMUM range.

MAXIMUM is suited for all exterior façade cladding and interior applications thanks to its lightweight, easy installation and low-maintenance requirements. Like Artetech, MAXIMUM is offered in a wide range of stunning surfaces, from natural stone to metal- and concrete-inspired finishes. Capturing the luxurious look of marble, the Marmi collection delivers the highly sought-after appearance of Calacatta and Statuario marbles, as well as travertino, onyx, and other coveted stones. Datauni has smooth, silky and consistent finishes, while Aster has a textured, brushed effect inspired by concrete and Metals combines the beauty of naturally occurring metals with the lightweight durability of porcelain panels.screenshot_5

Enhancing the superior properties even more, MAXIMUM is available with Active 2.0, a revolutionary photocatalytic coating that reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, has antibacterial and anti-odour properties and is self-cleaning.

Developed specifically for MAXIMUM, the Active 2.0 invisible coating offers a permanent solution that won’t wear out or wear off and is suitable for internal, external, floor and wall usage. Its antibacterial properties, even under LED lights or in the dark, means that it kills bacteria, and its self-cleaning hydrophilic properties result in little or no need for detergents or physical cleaning, even when used for building façades. Active 2.0 severely degrades airborne pollutants such as NOx, all VOCs and odours, physically cleaning the air around it.

“Active 2.0 is the singular building product on the market that is a true antidote to sick building syndrome. For business owners, it means less sick leave, greater productivity and greater profitability. And for all of us, it means a greater sense of wellbeing and a healthier life,” said Phil Brenton, Artedomus Managing Director.

The “healthy building” benefits of Active 2.0 include its 100-per-cent natural composition, free of the toxic resins and chemical binders used in engineered stone, and its aesthetic beauty, with colours and markings mimicking natural stone, marble, concrete and more. Active 2.0 is offered as an optional addition to standard MAXIMUM panels and minimum order quantities apply. screenshot_6

Artedomus has changed the face of architectural surfaces with its Porcelain Panels. Setting the benchmark in truly exceptional architectural surfaces, Artedomus’ incomparable collection of porcelain, tiles, stone, bathware and furniture is on display at its four showrooms across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and viewable online at