Beachouse Furniture – True Artisans in Resort-Style Furniture


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like you are on holiday every day? To wake up in a luxury holiday Resort, with beautiful tropical styled furniture and art around you?

This is how Warren and Sue Gould were inspired to start their new business, Beachouse Furniture after spending their Honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii (29 years ago), igniting their love of timber and cane casual furniture, lush gardens and a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Every holiday after that they were drawn to stay somewhere that was of this tropical styled setting. This acted as the catalyst for wanting to build their own home in the same resort style they had come to love, so that they could wake up each morning feeling like they were on holidays.

Thus, Beachouse Furniture spawned as a way of sharing the Gould’s love of the tropics. Their home, its design, furniture & artwork is therefore a true reflection of their business.

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“My husband Warren and I live in a beautiful coastal town in Australia, called Yamba, where we have that beach/ holiday feeling and state of mind, every day,” says Sue.

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“Yamba has the most amazing beaches with quite famous surfing breaks. So from that, Beachouse Furniture has arisen.”


“Warren is a Shipwright/Boat Builder and Builder/Carpenter by trade. He has been refining this craftsmanship for more than 40 years and has an artistic flair for design,” she explains.

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Warren is now creating the most beautiful dining tables, coffee tables, mirrors, wall art and floor inlays, that can complement any room. They have a luxurious air of perfection about them, as Warren is a meticulous artisan, (and a bit of a perfectionist) when it comes to his trade and skills.

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He is producing unique, one-off individually numbered and Beachouse Furniture badged pieces, which means they cannot be copied.

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“Warren prides himself on extremely high quality products and correctly constructed methods, which ensures each piece is sturdy and durable. No staples and short cuts here!” says Sue.

“His inlayed tables have hundreds of carefully fitted timber pieces. His designs use unique Australian timbers, which have beautiful colours, textures and amazing patterns and they are fitted together precisely to produce new and innovative designs, which are artworks in their own right.”


From swimming turtles, to flowing water-like river stones, their furniture transports you to a relaxing and worry free place.

“Our catch cry says it all,” remarks Sue –
“Where unique craftsmanship meets art ~ tropical beach furniture and art.”

Beachouse Furniture are now in the process of establishing international partners, with a strong focus on USA, UAE and South East Asia. Export enquiries are more than welcome so please contact Warren at [email protected] or on +61 408 462 538 regarding their exclusively created Art Furniture. General enquiries also welcome.

Visit their website at  for more information.