Blueprint by Raleigh Denim


The modern company understands that personalising a work environment promotes innovation and propels a business forward. As more organisations adopt fluid workspaces that foster teamwork, the development of smart, adaptable design is crucial to their success. The flexibility of the Blueprint collection by Raleigh Denim for Bernhardt Design offers just that, with endless configurations for open and private spaces, designed to inspire creativity.

Raleigh Denim was founded in 2007 as an artisan denim brand with a mission to rekindle American craftsmanship. Founders Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko have always embraced flexible design within their own workshop. This relaxed and inclusive approach to work was the genesis of creation for their Powerbar desk, which launched with Bernhardt Design in 2013, and prevails as an essential element for Blueprint.

“We try to bring in outside perspectives to help challenge our notions and to approach design problems in novel ways,” says Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design. “Working with fashion designers like Sarah and Victor to create furniture drives us to do better work.”

Blueprint is Sarah and Victor’s vision of a collaborative work environment for a cloud-based generation of creators and innovators. Its foundation is inspired by the American jeansmiths’ own workspace, with added options for versatility to universally adapt to any desired space.

“The first step in our production process takes place at the cutting table. We gather around it for meetings, for breaks, to discuss big-picture plans and to layout individual projects,” says Sarah. “Life around our cutting table seems like a great parallel for the unstructured way we live and work today.”

Victor notes, “Blueprint is our solution for furnishing a modernised world with a bespoke touch. It illustrates how one creative field can inspire new ideas in another.”

The scope of product ranges from meeting tables that are thirty feet long to simple round café tables. The central theme stems from three unique leg designs: Block, Frame, and Loop, which can be mixed and matched to create the desired aesthetic. It includes table height, counter height and bar height surfaces that can be used interchangeably. Storage modules are available, as well as taller units for video conferencing and flat screens. Also incorporated into the collection are freestanding islands with trash and recycle bins.

Upholstered benches add to the diversity of the Blueprint series and can be used individually or integrated into the system. The cushions feature embroidered patterns designed by Raleigh Denim.

The communal tables combine furniture and technology, and provide several options for integrated power devices from simple undermount charging units to wireless charging pucks for a smooth and intuitive user experience; all supported through a universal cable management system.

The collection is truly a blueprint to create any type of environment. Materials and styles can be mixed to create a very eclectic space or a simple, streamlined design. Changes in materials and finishes can be used to personalize any piece with a choice of laminates, walnut and oak, as well as black or aluminum door pulls. Bench upholstery choices include Bernhardt Textiles, leather or leather alternatives, as well as the customer’s own material.